Second Darkness

Becoming Family

The Falls are an impressive sight. A 120f diameter hole diving deeper into the caverns, it’s edges smooth and nigh unclimbable expect to expert climbers. The massive lava tube descends further down into the darkness than anyone’s darksight can see, but situated around the circumference are 3 complex setups of pulleys and levers that serve as lifts to descend further. After a close inspection, the lifts are determined to be in good condition and the group begins their descent. After descending into the darkness for a while, the group passes by a metal brace fixed into the wall of the tube. The brace looks to be made of mithral with ancient runes carved into them, but whatever power that was once contained in those runes has long since vanished.

Finally the lift comes to a stop at crenelated wall carved out of the stone of the tube. Behind the wall stretches a courtyard leading up to a set of doors to a sort of guard post. Looking around the tube, two more structures of similar design can be seen.

Heading into the courtyard the group is confronted by a pair of dragon like statues that prove to be some form of ancient trap that is still functioning. Artan is easily able to circumvent the trap and the next trap that is hidden just behind the set of doors. But before the group is able to proceed further into the guard post, dark shapes from the ceiling drop down to attack. The Darkmantles put up a fight, but are quickly overcome unfortunately the combat brings the attention of other denizens of the post. Strange crow-like humanoids begin to attack the group, throwing spears or using their claws when the opportunity rises. The group overcome the Corbies and another trap as they begin to explore the rooms of the guard post, finding some treasure, but mostly rotten food and unusable equipment. Secret stairs lead down revealing two more layers that seem to be duplicates of the first, including more rotten food, spoiled ale, useless equipment, and more Corbies including a much larger and better trained one named Azol.

All fall before the group and after a secure rest in the guard post the group find a new lift that takes them further down the lava tube, passing another of the mithral braces before descending into a massive cavern circling the Falls. Another crenelated wall separates the lift from runes of what was once a proud underground city, the ruins that the group has been tasked to explore. Searching the runes for anything that might prove that they arrived, the group is greeted with the ever present smell of decaying flesh and an almost palpable silence, but after some time items are found along with another group of explores.

The group comes upon a group of Drow that seem to be hunting something or someone. Patches on the Drow identify them as part of the Razor Crown, mercenaries who the group have seen at the city, particularly at the Venom’s Kiss. As the group waits, the quarry of the Drow reveals itself, a pair of Ogres. The Drow waited in silence, attacking when the Ogres were close and bringing both down quickly. As the Ogres fell, the group fell upon the Drow, dropping all but 1 of them. From the survivor, the group learned that the Razor Crown were hired to search for a group of Ogres that had been subjects of Drow Fleshwarping experiments. The mercenaries were to find the Ogres and subdue them before using an item to call in more Drow to bring the Ogres in. Forcing their way into contract with the remaining Drow, a warrior named Korvo, the group begins to track down the remaining Ogres.

Before long, the group finds a cave, Ogre footprints lead to and from the cave along with the footprints of some other creature. Inside the cave the group confronts a pair of Basilisks that manage to turn the group to stone before Korvo is able to kill the last one and uses the Basilisks’ own blood to return the group back to flesh. Further in the cave the group finds more Ogres, these one show obvious signs of experimentation, scorpion tails, strange claws, chitinous plates aid the Ogres as they fight back. One particular Ogre, Jeowige, calls out to the group asking why they continue to hunt them all the time healing the other wounded Ogres.

Pieces fall into place for the group as they realize that the Ogres are simply trying to escape from the Drown. Turning on Korvo the group manage to create a temporary truce with the Ogres, giving them the item that will call more Drow to them for them to leave. Jeowige also gives the group a roll of parchment that was found in the ruins. The parchment is an account of some sort from when the city was in it’s prime, a find that will prove the group arrived at the ruins.

Leaving quickly the group ascends the lava tube via the lifts unaccosted, and returns to the city to find rest the next day seeking out Zhallandra and Xanderdross. After a quick conversation with the siblings the group finds themselves once again before Second Son Tiryin as Zhallandra consents that their talents would serve house Vonnarc. Just as Tiryin is about to make his decision, a guard bursts into the room to report on another caravan being attacked. The news enrages Tiryin and after hurling a dagger at the guard demands the group to investigate. Their reward will be entrance into the noble house of Vonnarc.


XP: 2500 xp (54500)

Gear: + 1 Dagger, Masterwork warhammer, + 1 Chainshirt, 15 + 1 Bolts, 2 + 1 Flame Arrow, 2 + 1 Shock Arrow
2 sets [+ 1 Rapier, Mithril Chainmail, Masterwork Buckler, Masterwork Hand Crossbow]
2 sets [+ 1 Composite Shortbow (+ 2 Str), Masterwork Shortsword, + 1 Chainshirt]

Potions/Oil: 4 Cure Mod Wounds, Invisibility

Scrolls: Summon Swarm (CL3), Detect Secret Doors (CL1)


Misc: 8 vials Drow Poison, Ring of Sustenance

Gold: 1000 gp


Ead will take the flame and shock arrows.

Becoming Family

Mal would be interested in the Ring of Sustenance if one of the other spellcasters isn’t. And one of the Cure Mods (although I thought we might have used those?)

Becoming Family

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