Second Darkness

Favors Owed

Returning to their quarters the group runs into Carvein Loaxorin, the vampire Drow that runs the bar. Carvein calls in his favor that the group owes him, wishing them to find an old acquaintance of his that has recently surfaced, Cathran. He wishes the group to acquire a journal of his that Cathran stole from him years ago. Carvein tells the group a little of the Cathran, first is that she is also a vampire. Second she does have some form of magical ability, but Carvein is not completely sure what she is. He does also mention that a strange quirk of hers is her affection toward plants.

Supplying the group with a map that points them in the direction of Cathran, Carvein tells them if they bring back the journal their debt to him is paid. When asked if he wants Cathran dead, Carvein doesn’t seem to care leaving the group to decide what way they want to proceed.

The group proceeds through the caverns, following the map Carvein provided, and soon find the cavern walls showing more and more signs of moss and fungus covering then. One particular cavern shows massive amounts of fungus growth covering the walls and floor. As the group heads toward the exit of the fungus covered tunnel, they notice several mounds of fungus are actual creatures hidden within, a Halsora.

The group dealt with the Halsoras, a type of fleshwarp creature, and continued on their way finally finding a series of tunnels covered in moss and fungus. Following through the tunnels the group pass several small fungus creatures, Fungus Leshys. The small creatures were cultivating more fungus growing on old human shaped corpses. The group bypassed the leshys to find themselves in a large cavern with several leshys, halsoras, a massive tree like creature called a Tendriculos, and kneeling beside the tendriculos was a young lady.

The group stayed hidden for a long time, watching the plants mill about and the woman tending to the tendriculos. Finally the group decided to talk to the woman and revealed themselves. The conversation became a bit touchy when the woman, Cathran found out the group had killed her halsora guards, but with some quick words from Kage Cathran was pacified and decided to give the journal to the group without a battle.

Traveling back to the city, the group pages through the journal finding mostly the contents revolved around recipes and brews, but hidden within the pages a code was buried. Deciphering the code, the group found many details of the Drow households. These details the group quickly copied for their own purposes before returning to the city and turning over the journal to Carvein.

As the group was finishing up with Carvein, a messenger from the Vonnarc house finds them and tells them they are to come to the house to have a meeting with the Matron.


XP: 2000xp (65500)



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