Second Darkness

Full Frontal Assault

Rested and prepared and knowing the final push against the Drow is coming, the group heads out. Shalelu and Kaerishiel lead their own teams of Elven rangers and agree to wait for the signal from the group to know that the Drow’s attention is on them.

Walking up tot he Academy of Arts, the group quickly spots a group of Drow on guard and engage. During the battle another one of the Drow’s terrible creatures joins in, a massive creature sewn together from what looks like fallen Elves moves to meet the party. But this creature doesn’t stand long, allowing access to the academy.

Pushing in quickly and following the sounds of combat, the group barges into a room where combat is in full swing. Kaerishiel and the few remaining rangers are locked in combat with a pair of Drow skirishers and a strange vulture-human creature. The group is unable to identify the monstrosity, but figure it is some form of demon. Putting up a fight for a bit the vulture looks to try and escape once it becomes too injured, but is put down by a pair of strong blows from Ead and Venora.

Following more sounds of combat, the group finds another room where Shalelu’s group is in combat with more Drow and large creatures made of water, some form of elemental. Defeating all enemies within the room, the group regroups with Shalelu and Kaerishiel who both agree to hold the lines from any other Drow while the group pushes on into the last few rooms of the academy.

Moving past a room where the Drow have put up a shrine to one of their demon lords, the group enters a chamber that looks to be in pristine condition and sitting on a leaf in a pond is an Elven maiden. The maiden warns them of a trap that was placed on the door, giving the group time to avoid the fireball. A short conversation begins and soon the group finds out that the maiden is actual an aboleth, and before the creature can attack cuts it down.

As the group begins to push into the adjacent room, most realize that the pristine nature of the aboleth’s room is actually some type of illusion and can see the decay underneath.

Entering the next room, the group finds a massive portal-like structure, a strange shadow-city flickers within the portal. But guarding the portal is a scarred and battle hardened Drow, Kardrogas along with a few other Drow. A short fight follows and ends with the Drow dead and the group examining the portal.

Within the portal the group makes out what looks like several buildings from Celwynvian, as if the portal is some sort of shadow-version of the city that they stand. Within the city they can see figures moving about the city, but they appear to be dull and without color. Elsewhere they do see what appears to be Drow pushing through the city. But in the sky is the an eye catching and disturbing site, a vortex of gray clouds swirl around a very familiar looking, but much larger dark blot in the sky.

But as the group discusses what to do, the portal begins to flicker even closing for a few seconds before springing back to life. The group figures that the portal must be preparing to close soon, but without a better understanding of the city beyond the group remains as the portal closes down hoping that someone back in Crying Leaf is able to give them some more information.


XP: 2334 (36477)

4 sets [1 longsword, Masterwork Heavy Repeating Crossbow, Masterwork Breastplate, Cloak of Resistance +1, +1 Crossbow Bolt (5), Alchemic Silver Bolt (5)]
6 sets [Masterwork Shortsword, Masterwork Shortbow +1 Str, +1 Chain Shirt]
Masterwork Full Plate, Heavy Steel Shield, Masterwork Flail, +1 Whip, +1 Frost Bolt (6), Drow Poison (9)
Masterwork Dagger, Ring of Protection +1, Cloak of Resistance +1, Wand of False Life (35 charges, CL 3)
Greatsword +1 (shock); Mithral shirt +2; Drow poison bolt (x2); bolts, crossbow (10); Masterwork Crossbow (Hand)
Adamantine dagger, Cognizance Crystal 3, Crystal Shard +5 (Use Magic Device), Mind Stone (Crystal Shard)

Shield of Faith, Bear’s Endurance, Bless Weapon, Cure Serious Wounds x 2, Cure Moderate Wounds x 4

Haste, Gaseous Form


Feather Token (Anchor), Elixir of Tumbling

Gold: 150 gp


Wouldn’t mind having the the Mithral shirt +2 – assuming that’s a chain shirt.

Full Frontal Assault

Artan will want the scrolls of haste and gaseous form.

Can anyone else use the wand of false life? If not, Artan can take it and use it for party buffing. It will give 1d10+3 temporary hit points for 3 hours or until the temp hp are used up, whichever comes first.

Full Frontal Assault

Mal would like the Cognizance Crystal 3, Crystal Shard +5 (Use Magic Device), Mind Stone (Crystal Shard)

Full Frontal Assault

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