Second Darkness

Into the heart of darkness

Once the celebration has died down, Eviana meets with the group to discuss a new proposal for them, a new mission. The Drow have been pushed back through their corrupted portal or out into the surrounding forest (to be hunted down by the Elves), but Eviana believes that there is a prime chance for a small group to travel through the portal and investigate the other side. Using special disguises developed by an Elven wizard, Giseil Voslil, Eviana asks the group to infiltrate the Drow city that is on the other side of the corrupted portal, and find out what the Drow plans are for their research into the Armageddon magic.

Four dead Drow serve as the material components for the special magic the Giseil uses to change the group’s appearance to that of Drow. Usual magic will not reveal the truth of the deception, but a strange side effect will make the group detect as undead. The magical disguises do more than just change the groups appearance, several of the Drow’s natural abilities are also bestowed, dark vision, language, sleep immunity, weapon proficiencies, and even spell resistance.

A final briefing is given and a plan is worked out that when the Elves activate the corrupted portal, the group will rush through it with a battalion of Elves ‘pursuing’ them. Once on the other side, the group is to slip into the Drow society and find out what they can, stopping the Drow if they can and it won’t reveal who they really are.

The infiltration goes smoothly, even with the surprise appearance of a pair of driders helping to defend the gate. The group is brought into the Drow city and brought before one of the leader of the Vonnarc house (one of the noble houses of Drow). Second Son Tiryin Vonnac meets with the group long enough to learn that they have come from the surface after the failed attempts to take the Elven city. Learning what info the group gives him, Tiryin sets them loose to find room and board, but tells them that they will be put into the city defense (patrolling the nearby caves, guarding slaves, etc).

Using some of the time they have, the group begins to get accustomed to the city. Very soon they notice that while many of the buildings are of Drow design, most of the older ones are of varying other designs that are slowly being restructured to suit the Drow. Within the city the group finds all the usual creature comforts, weapon and armor shops, alchemical and magical regents, and other things that could be more difficult to find on the surface. Two places of note that the group finds are The Diamond Coffer and Venom Kiss. The former being a bar/tavern run by a Drow Vampire Carvein Loaxorin which the group has taken up as a base for the time being, while the later is a combination tavern/drug den/brothel/torture hall permeated by a smoke that seems to lower the inhibitions of any within it.

Not long after getting settled in, the group is assigned to their first watch of one of the fungal farms around the cave. Relieving the previous watch, the group spreads out through the cave, watching the Kobold slaves slowly picking the mushrooms that serve as a staple food for the Drow. A quiet scratching from a pair of holes in the cavern floor and more coming from a strange tunnel-like hole near the cave’s back wall preclude an attempted surprise attack by strange underground creatures, Morlocks.

The creatures crawl up the sheer walls of the holes and burst through the hole to attack the group and any slaves nearby. Unfortunately for the Morlocks, Artan and Ead heard the attack coming and were ready. In a short fight, the Morlocks are killed or driven off, leaving the group and the slaves to return to their duties.

The next day the group begins to check around town for any information that might pertain to their mission. They manage to find out that while the attack on the surface has been seen as a failure, no new attacks are being planned, at least not in the near future. This was mainly due since the Drow house that had rallied the attack, the Azrinae, have left the city for somewhere unknown. Rumors say that they have gone deeper into the Underdark. Though there may be one Drow within the city that knows where the Azrinae have moved to, the head of house Vonnarc, Matron Pravora Vonnarc. But the only way to have any chance of talking to her is to work with the Vonnarc house and rise within their ranks.

The group learns of pair of Drow that work with the Vonnarc to find deserving unaligned Drow to be brought into the house and work for the Vonnarcs. The group finds Zhallandra and Xanderdross within another tavern in the city and manage to get them to vouch to the Vonnarcs if the group can complete a test. The group must travel to The Falls, a lava vent that goes deep into the Underdark. Zhallandra asks the group to decend into the lava vent to where a vast ruins lays. While there they are to collect someone from the ruins and bring it back. Asking around about The Falls, the group finds out that not much is know about it except that is ancient and many who go there to explore do not come back.

Making the proper preparations, the group sets out. The trek to their destination is fairly straight forward for the twisting caves, but at one point another group of Morlocks has setup an ambush. An overturned cart with a visible treasure chest and several gemstones littered about was supposed to entice people into the ambush, but the group saw through the ploy and quickly dispatched the Morlocks before arriving at The Falls.


XP: 2000 (52000)

Gold: 100 gold worth of gems



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