Second Darkness

Journey to the Blood Pools

Agreeing to the mission, the group sets off to get some supplies and information on the caravans and the Blood Pools. The caravans were rumored to be mainly military supplies to help fortify the city against any Elf incursions, though some rarer items and also comfort items for the Vonnarc nobles were also said to be transported. The Blood Pools were given the name due to it’s crimsion-tinged waters, with tales ranging from spilled god blood to unholy curses being the cause of the water’s color.

The trip to the pools was uneventful, passing the site of the latest assault, but as they closed on the location of the pools the caves themselves began to change. Natural rock began to give way to rock that looks more like living tissue, the air itself is musty and warm.

Entering the pools, the group gets their first sight of why the place is called the Blood Pools. Below a natural bridge of slick stone slowly laps a lake of what appears to be semi-coagulated blood. Before the group is able to examine anything further, a group of morlock guards appear from under the bridge and begin a fight.

Defeating the guards, the group begins to explore a bit. While Ead and Artan head to wear a small crack in the wall appears to open into another tunnel Malek and Kage head through the only pathway that they can reach safetly. Both group end up running into more monsters, Ead and Artan find more morlocks while Malek and Kage find a pair of amorphous blobs who’s touch burns with acid.

Continuing their explorations both group reunite in a large cave with multiple smaller ones branching off. While Artan heads back to check another small tunnel that was spotted the rest begin to search more caves, meeting more morlocks and finally happening upon a group of much larger morlocks and their matron.

Inside the side passageway, Artan finds a strange altar and sacrifice site. Rotting corpses, destroyed equipment, and broken bones lies all around the small cave, but resting at the foot of the altar is a small creature that as Artan looks to examine it begins to wail and hiss. Easily killing the creature, Artan begins to search around the room for anything of use.

The matron and her bodyguards throw themselves at Ead, Malek, and Kage who manage to drop 2 of the three body guards as Artan joins the battle making mention of the altar room. This draws the vengeance of the matron who pursues Artan and manages to kill him as the remaining bodyguard viciously brings down Ead and injures Kage, only to be dropped by Malek.

Seeing themselves at a disadvantage, Malek drags Kage out, and once recovered some make their way back to Spider Haven.

With some fast talking the two manage to enlist the help of a group of mercenaries paid for by house Vonnarc. The next day, with the aid of this band of mercenaries the two returned to the Blood Pools and soon found that the morlock matron was waiting for them. A new battle ensued, but the matron and her bodyguards were unable to stand. Searching the caves, bodies were found. Artan had been brutally slaughted within the altar room, a sacrifice to the matron’s dark god.

Returning to the city, the group managed to gain access to the magics required to bring their friends back to life, but in doing so have agreed to do some form of service for Carvein Loaxorin, the local Drow vampire barkeep.


XP: 5000xp (59500)

Gear: + 1 Flaming Scimitar, + 1 Ring of Protection, + 3 Mithral Heavy Shield, + 2 Cold Iron Longsword, Masterwork Kukri



Gems/Jewelry: Silver Bracelet (50 gp)

Misc: Hand of the Mage, Wand of Invisibility (40 charges)

Gold: 20 Platinum, 400 gp


Mal’s interested in the +1 Ring of Protection if no one else is.

And Ben, thank you for the summary posts! :D They’re awesome~

Journey to the Blood Pools

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