Second Darkness

Missing Slaves

Returning from the Blood Pools, the group returns to their usual duties within the Vonnarc household. During the next few days they hear a few quiet rumors of slaves going missing, and even are present when several slaves are brought into the Vonnarc compound to be questioned by Faidaeva, the second daughter and house cleric and demonic initiate.

One of the group’s patrol routes takes then to a neighboring tunnel. There they come across another group of Drow leaving the city with several kobold slaves, including a particular slave that they recognize, Athraz the slave that had showed them around when they first came to the city. Something about the group seemed wrong to the group, causing them to question the Drow who couldn’t give them answers to why they were removing slaves from the city, and soon the other group attacked.

It didn’t take long before the rogue Drow were defeated. The slaves looked to the group fearing that they would be beaten and then returned to the city, but were surprised when Kage and Malek began to free them. The slaves milled around, figuring it was some form of trick or test, only truly leaving when Kage displayed her shield and the symbol on it was recognized by Athraz as a deity that a normal Drow would not follow.

Once the slaves were gone, the group returned to Tiryin to explain what had happened and let him know about a nearby temple ruins that the Drow were taking the slaves, a bit of information that Athraz had overhead. Hearing this new Tiryin ordered the group to route out any Drow in this temple and bring back any slaves found.

Moving quickly the group found the temple ruins. It was a place that had been forgotten, but some work had been done recently. Some of the walls and floors had been cleaned and even a few placed new tunnels were trying to be dug out. Pushing in further past a few groups of Drow guards, the group found another group of slaves from the city. Once again they quietly let the slaves flee before continuing further into the complex.

Finally the group made their way through a pair of large doors set into the surrounding stone and stepped into a place that was almost a proper temple. The ceiling rose up and the walls seemed cleaned if not still noticeably natural cave walls. At the far end of the room a shrine could be seen, but standing before the shrine was an armor-clad Drow woman, a pair of Drow soldiers, and even a couple of dretches. Drawing a wicked looking scimitar and calling out a challenge the woman attacked.

As the fight progressed, it became evident that there were invisible Drow aiding the anti-paladin with spells, but even their aid was not enough and after a bitter fight the group finally tracked down the final invisible foe and slew them. Searching the main room and the adjoining rooms turned up a few details. The shrine itself and all the unholy symbols the clerics and anti-paladin wore were dedicated to the demon lord Shax, the lord of envy, lies, and murder. Also a small leather bound journal was found. Inside several letters detailed the purpose of the these Drow and also their long goals, gaining a foothold of power here in the temple and eventually pushing the Vonnarc house out of Spider Haven.

Bringing the letters and journal back to Tiryin, along with the head of the anti-paladin proved to Tiryin what he needed to know about the missing slaves. Though the reaction to the head wasn’t quite what Ead had hoped for. For now though, the group seems to have gained a bit of a reputation within the household, for good or bad.


XP: 4000xp (63500)

Gear: 15 sets [+ 1 Rapier, Mithril Chainmail, Masterwork Buckler, Masterwork Hand Crossbow]
1 sets [+ 1 Composite Shortbow (+ 2 Str), Masterwork Shortsword, + 1 Chainshirt]
2 sets [mwk full plate, heavy steel shield, mwk flail
+ 1 Full Plate, +1 heavy steel shield, +1 scimitar, heavy crossbow with 10 mwk bolts
+ 1 Sap

Potions/Oil: 10 Cure Moderate Wounds, 2 Cure Serious Wounds, 2 Owl’s Wisdom

Scrolls: Invisibility, Cure Serious Wounds, Haste

Gems/Jewelry: Misc Gems (200), Aquamarine (450), Chrysoberyl (110)

Misc: Belt of Giant Strength + 2, Dorje of Hammer (2d8)

Gold: 10 Platinum, 300 gp


Mal would like the Dorje of Hammer. And we should probably split up the potions? But nothing else calls to him

Missing Slaves

I’m good

Missing Slaves

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