Second Darkness

Observatory Exploration

Regrouping after the fight with the strange creatures, the group pushes into the next room. Ready for their arrival, the “Great Green One” roars out a challenge as the green dragon sends a burst of acid toward the group. Fighting from the door, hoping for some protection the group slowly but surely brings the dragon down earning the small horde of treasure it was guarding.

Taking a short amount of time to examine some of the treasure, the group then begins to explore some of the adjoining rooms. Blood stains and manacles chained to the walls show that the rooms were modified to be used as a dungeon. The massive troglodyte standing guard within one room also brings the point across.

Finishing the trog off, the group explores one more room finding stairs leading up to another floor, but seeing that they were pushing their limits decide to fall back and rest for the night hoping that rigging the doors would buy them some warning of anyone approaching.


XP: 3933 (40410)

Gear: 4 sets Drow Soldier Gear, 1 set Drow Captain Gear
1 Mithril Shirt, Gloves of Dexterity +2, +1 Keen Longbow (2 Strength), +1 Tetsubo, Belt of Strength +2, Cloak of Resistance +1

Cure Moderate Wounds (4), Aid

Air Walk, Cure Moderate Wounds,

Wand of See Invisible

Gold/Gems: 2000 gp


Malek’s interested in the gloves of dex or the belt of strength :)

Observatory Exploration

Eads got a belt already, so she would like the gloves and a cure mod potion

Observatory Exploration

Artan could use either the gloves or the belt, but the gloves would be more useful for him, since his main attack is Dex-based.

Also, can anyone else use the Wand of See Invisibility? If not, Artan will take it.

He’ll eventually be able to scribe the scroll of Air Walk, but not for a few more levels.

Observatory Exploration

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