Second Darkness

Secrects Revealed

Following the messenger, the group is lead to the tower within the Vonnarc compound. Second Daughter, Faidaeva meets the group and leads them up the tower, giving them time to see various mages working in rooms within the several levels. The top level of the tower lets out to a opulent library, walls lined with book shelves, lizard-skin rugs all across the floors and finally a large stone archway near the far end. Faidaeva directs the group to walk through the portal so they can speak with the Matron.

Through the portal, the group finds themselves somewhere else. Gone are the stone walls of the tower, instead the walls appear more organic almost like the inside of a giant beetle. Pleasant perfume wafts through the air. Alcoves divide the chamber into three smaller chambers. One of the chambers has a table with fruits and water that upon closer inspection are all fruits from the surface world.

Matron Alicavniss wastes little time accusing the group of being imposters, somehow infiltrating the Drow for some purpose. A few tense moments pass as Alicavniss waits for the group to refute the claim, but soon she waves the accusation off claiming that it doesn’t matter since the group does have uses to her. She then begins a back and forth with the group, asking questions and answering others as she reveals she does know where the Azrinaes have gone and what they plan to do. That information though will cost the group.

Alicavniss tells the group that she would trade her information and any other that she is able to come across if the group will go to the Venom Kiss and deal with it’s owner, Orvignato. Alicavniss wishes for both revenge for an apprentice that was lured tot he Venom Kiss and was plied for information, but also for any maps and ledgers that Orvignato might have within his headquarters.

Eagerly heading out to the Venom Kiss, the group makes it there and inside without any problems. Moving through the haze filled room, the group makes their way up to Orvignato’s office. Outside the office, a pair of Drow guards bared the groups way even after Ead tried to sell them a strange liquid.

When words failed, the group moved to actions. As Ead quickly grappled with one of the guards, Artan did the same with the other guard. Subduing the guards quickly, the group moved into the office to confront Orvignato.

Inside the office, a trio of Drow sat around a table as a drider squatted in the corner. Orvignato didn’t take kindly to being interrupted and began to attack. The fight was vicious, Artan almost going down between the Drider’s spells and Orvignato’s attack, but finally the group prevailed and downed the Drow.

Searching the room the group finds not only a chest that contained the items that Alicavniss wanted, but also an escape tunnel leading out of Orvignato’s bedroom. Gathering up the various items the group began to leave as Ead removed Orvignato’s head and brought it down to the main room of Venom’s Kiss, proclaiming herself as owner. There was a bit of dissent, but a few terse words brought the people back inline.

Finishing up, the group heads back to report to the Matron. An apprentice led them back through the tower back to the Matron’s chamber. Inside Alicavniss sits behind her desk reading something. She waits for a while before addressing the group, taking the ledgers and depositing them within her desk. Once the ledgers are secured, Alicavniss tells the group that the new matron of the Azrinaes, Allevrah, took the Drow in her charge further to the east into a cavern known as the Land of Black Blood. That is where the Azrinaes plan to use their ancient magic to call down a star to crash into the elf city of Kyonin.

Alicavniss believes that a blow that is strong enough to scour the land of Kyonin would cause problems into the underground. Alicavniss is too comfortable in her position to have someone do something to ruin that, and that is why she is willing to give this information. Another bit of information that is given is a way to the surface for the group. A still functioning Elf gate rests a two day journey from the city. That gate links the another near Kyonin.

With the information traded and the deal done, Alicavniss dismisses the group and goes back to her papers. As the group leaves, the Matron stops them at the door wanting to give them one last “gift” to help speed them along. Alicavniss casts the spell wish, removing the effects of their disguises, and returning them to their true forms. With a final wicked smile, Alicavniss Vonnarc nods toward the gate.


XP: 5500xp (71000)

Gear: + 2 Chain Shirt, + 2 Buckler, + 1 Flail, + 1 Hand Crossbow, + 2 Ring of Protection

Potions/Oil: 3 Cure Moderate Wounds, Barkskin (+ 5), Invisibility

Gems/Jewelry: Large Emerald (6,000 radiates magic), 8 rubies (80 gp each)

Misc: Hat of Disguise, Amulet of Health + 6, Belt of Might Constitution + 6

Gold: 42 pp, 1700 gp


I don’t see the Amulet of health under Pathfinder, only D&D, but if we are going with it, Ead would love to have it. Not only for the increase in health, but the added rage rounds as well.

Secrects Revealed

of course that also increase the difficulty of her will save to avoid confusion. :)

Secrects Revealed

Also, I am adding up all loot. I think I was the one who originally was doing that for this campaign and I fell way behind. I found my last post where I did that which was right before the whole war thing. I seem to recall for the war we did not sell equipment but donated to the cause. For that reason, I only will add up gold and jewels for those sessions.
Starting with Becoming Family I will tally up equipment again, but only those things not listed as taken in the posts. I think we used a lot of cure potions along the way too so I will leave those out. There are some scrolls here and there. I may figure out the costs and have them ready to sell but i will relist here first in case someone wants another go at them.
I hope to have all this ready for tonight.

Secrects Revealed

Okay. Unclaimed scrolls/wands:

Summon Swarm (CL3)
Detect Secret Doors (CL1)
Hand of the Mage
Owls Wisdom x 2
Wand of Invisibility (40 charges)

Total gold, jewels, equipment = 89911 gold
Split 4 ways = 22,477 gold 7 silver 5 copper

The above includes the gold from this post but not the equipment

Secrects Revealed

Thanks for the work there Issac, and the catch on the amulet (hold over from old edition.) The new version is a belt and I have changed that in the log now.

Secrects Revealed

okay, selling what was left from this adventure was gives another 1,521 gold pieces each

Secrects Revealed

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