Second Darkness

Seeing the Sun

With their disguises dispelled, the group works out the quickest way out of the tower. A nearby open terrace gives the group a quick way down the tower via flight, dropping, or climbing. Hitting the ground, the group makes their way toward the city, avoiding a fight with the guards.

Skirting the town, the group made their way toward the tunnels marked on their map, but were seen. The group moved through the tunnels, pursued by Drow from the city. Eventually finding themselves in a small cave with the sounds of a Drow patrol coming toward them, but unaware of the group.

A quick ambush later, the group could hear the mass of Drow from the city moving toward the cave, but before the Drow could arrive a group of Kobolds appeared from small tunnels and managed to collapse down the tunnel to block off the approaching Drow. The Kobolds urged the group to follow them somewhere safe, and led them off to other tunnels.

Following the Kobolds, the group finds themselves in a large cavern that has been converted into a camp. Scattered around the cave are small huts all containing Kobolds. The guides bring the group to the largest of the huts, and soon a large Kobold accompanied by a familiar looking Kobold. Ryzz, the Kobold the group originally had guide them around town and one of the first Kobolds they freed.

Ryzz seemed pleasant enough to begin with, but quickly became angry as he saw the group’s equipment. Recognizing various pieces as those of the Drow that freed him, he demanded to know where they got the items figuring that the group had killed his tribe’s “saviors.” A quick explanation by Kage and demonstration by Ead helped to quell Ral’s anger and suspicions.

Working with the Kobolds the group manages to find a safe path to the portal. At the cave containing the portal, Ral and several Kobolds bid the group farewell as they went to distract a Drow patrol and led them away as the group moved toward the portal.

A massive crevasse split the cave with only a small land bridge spanning across. Guarding the bridge was a group of Drow soldiers led by Tiryin Vonnarc. The fight was brutal as Tiryin proved to be a fairly well versed sword fighter. During the fight another guardian was found, a Retriever was posted near the portal seeming to be set to keep anyone from getting anywhere near the portal.

Once the fight was over the group worked their way to activate the portal and quickly left behind the Darklands behind them. As their bodies adjust to the portal’s magic and their eyes adjust to the light the group realizes that they are surrounded by at least a dozen Elves all with arrows drawn and pointed toward them.

XP: 4250xp (75250)

Gear: 11 sets 6 sets [+ 1 Rapier, Mithril Chainmail, Masterwork Buckler, Masterwork Hand Crossbow]
Cloak of Resistance + 1, Ring of Protection + 1, Aldorian Dueling Blade + 2, Bracers of Armor + 3, Ring of Protection + 2, Belt of Incredible Dex + 2

Potions/Oil: Invisibility, 10 Cure Moderate Wounds

Misc: Wand of Magic Missile (3rd lvl, 14 charges)

Gold: 300 gp


First, while I can see us looting the rings, bracers, portions and such, would we have tried taking the 11 sets of chainmail considering we were on the run?

Second, Ead could use the Ring of protection +2, currently has a +1

Seeing the Sun

That is very true. With that you guys should only have 6 sets of gear not the 11, since I figure you guys had enough time after the final battle to strip the last group of Drow if you wanted. I will make the changes in the log.

Seeing the Sun

Unfortunately, there’s nothing there that Artan would like, except for some healing potions. He votes that the invisibility potion go to Kage.

Seeing the Sun

Too bad he can’t stack the belt of dex on the belt of strength he’s got, he’d like that ;)
Other than that, the only other thing he could use would be the ROP+2 since he has a +1, but he doesn’t need it that bad so chaos kitty can have it.

He’d like to stash some of the healing potions though.

Seeing the Sun

In that case, Ead takes the ring. potions and wand are kept and the rest will be sold off giving each of us:

8233 gold
70 silver
5 copper

Seeing the Sun

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