Second Darkness

Shifting Shadows

Heading back to camp, the group describes what they saw with the portal to Eviana. Her suggestion lead the group to a sage within the camp who believes that it is possible, with the right spells, to create a pocket world that the portal would be linked to but without either a key to open the gateway or someone who can trick the gate into opening the group is stuck. Though the sage does recall a pair of scouts that seem to have a talent with magic even though they aren’t mages themselves.

Heading out the group soon tracks them down near the Garden of Eternal Ease, a resting spot for fallen elves within Celwynvian. The pair of scout were found having a conversation with a young woman, though something didn’t seem right. As the group approached and asked for the scouts to help them activate the portal, the woman pressed the group for more time with her new friends, and inquired if they would like to become friends as well.

A fight ensued and soon the group was about the finish off the woman, but as Ead’s axe was about to take her head, the woman melted into a cloud of smoke and drifted away. The two guards she had remained and after an examination were found to have small puncture wounds in their neck, vampire servants.

The two scouts were thankful for the rescue, one less so since he was shot during the battle, but the other agreed to help the group open the gate and soon they were looking at the shadowed town once again. This time the group stepped through and after a few moments of distortion they got their bearing and began to descend the staircase they found themselves on, casting eyes up toward the rolling clouds and the strangely ominous and familiar blot in the sky.

Near the bottom of the stair, the group comes across one of the shadow-elves staring up at the clouds. Introducing themselves, the elf pulls his eyes away and introduces himself as Ilamin Silverwind. When asked about the sky, Ilamin says he believes it to be nothing more than a celestial event that will pass in a few days or years. Though others in the city believe it to be some kind of cataclysm that will destroy the world and have begun to evacuate. He finally tells the group, if they’d like to know more, Eloquan at the Library of Reenai is an excellent source of information.

Moving about the city the group finds that there is not only the shadow-elves and drow within this world, but other creatures as well. Blast shadows, ghouls, and shadow mastiff prowl the shadows, attacking the party at different times, but all are beaten back by the group as they continue their search.

The Library appears similar to the one the group explored earlier, except it is well kept and orderly. Eloquan is the only elf still in the library, claiming that he will not leave it even though seers have predicted that and event called Earthfall was brought down as “punishment for humanity’s hubris before the gods.” checking around in some of the books finds them to have information in them about the mutability of the shadow realm and also information about the stars, planets, and meteors. Even some describing powerful magic that could be used to manipulate them.

Leaving the library, the group heads to the Academy of Arts to find it also well kept and this time occupied by several elven wizards. The wizards work to help fleeing elves through a portal to another elven city. Ead manages to convince the wizards to allow her to go through the portal, but she finds that the portal is only a stone wall. As the group speaks to the wizards and listens to conversations, they hear mention of “foreign” elves that have been asking questions about the coming event and have been somewhat rude. These dark skinned cousins have set up camp at the observatory.

Heading to the observatory, the group comes across a pair of elven-shadow guards barring entrance to the observatory. A bit of fast talking gets the guards to allow them inside, only to find a group of drow on the other side of the doors. During the ensuing fight a side door opens and a pair of gaunt figures can be seen. Both appear to be human skeletons, flesh pulled tight against their bones and a strange horn pushes up from their head. These creatures speak among themselves and throw insults at the drow in abyssal.

Finishing the fight with the drow, the group approaches the other two figures, who tell them that they were called and bound to protect the room and the master. Another fight ensues and after the grueling and bloody fight, both creatures are dead, but not before one says that “the great green one will eat you all.”


TBD (sorry guys)



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