Second Darkness

Preparing for war

Arriving at Crying Leaf, the group finds a small Elven community bustling with activity. Grim faced Elves move about the village, most armed for battle. Those that aren’t are making sure the others are prepared by forging weapons, mending armor, gathering and distributing supplies.

The group is lead to small, unadorned house and told to wait by Karishiel. The house is sparsely furnished, a large table with several chairs takes up the main room, and off in one adjoining room, straw mats rest on the floor.

After a while, Karishiel returns to lead the group to Eviana Nirgassan. Eviana greats the party and thanks them for their acts against the Drow. She continues and explains that the Elves have been fighting a covert war against the Drow. The flow of the battle has been moving back and forth with the Elves pushing the Drow back during the day, but the Drow gaining back during the night. Also concerning is the mentions of the “Armageddon Echo” in the journals link back to a pocket dimension that the Drow are using to regroup and hide during the Elven attacks.

After securing the group’s help, Eviana tells them to get some rest for the force will be moving to Celwynvian in the morning.

In the morning the group is treated to the sight of an army of Elves heading out to battle. Breaking into small groups, the entire army disappearing into the forest as they move. The party moving with them as best as they can.

The trek to Celwynvian takes just over a day, the army camping out in the forest over night. During the second day, the group finally begins to see the signs of an abandoned civilization, an old vine-covered road. Following the road, the group finds a clearing half a mile from the ruins of a great Elven city, Celwynvian.

In this clearing the scouts and skirmishers that watch over the ruins of the city have setup a temporary camp. The city is still hidden by the forest, but the half-crumbled pillars and eroded foundations testify to the city’s proximity.

After setting up camp, the group is invited to dine with Eviana, but before the group can sit down an Elven scout comes running into the command tent. He quickly whispers something to Eviana who seems to sigh before turning to the party. She explains that the scout is reporting that Drow have been spotted slipping into the Coliseum of Mask and Lyre several times of the past week, and more have just been seen now.

Eviana asks the group to go there and see what the Drow are up to, and if possible see if the spirit that is said to reside there to become and ally to the Elves.

The group heads out, following one of the scouts, and soon finds themselves within eye shot of the ruins of a massive building. Vines and other types of creepers cover the building. One of the main door has been pull off it’s hinges and lies just inside the opening.

Exploring inside, the group soon finds the Drow or what’s left of them. The two wizards have been mutilated and nearby is the creature that did it. A massive beast of gray skin and hulking arms sat docile nearby while a small ball of light seemed to hum to it, but as the group began to investigate the humming stopped and the beast went into a rampage.

The group takes down the gray render and will o wisp fairly quickly and begins to explore finding many of the rooms collapsing or covered in mold. One room contain an altar the Elven goddess of the arts, Findeladlara. Examining the altar closer, small holes have been molded into the altar, similar to the holes in a flute. When played, the altar slowly slides away to reveal a spiral staircase descending into darkness.

Creeping down into the darkness, the party soon finds another ancient denizen of the school, a ghost and a pair of golems. The party fought hard and after an exhausting fight, managed to destroy the golems and ghost. The last bits of the ghost burning out and drifting on the air.


XP: 2100 (22010 xp)

4 Masterwork Dagger, Masterwork Light Mace, +1 Throwing Axe, +1 Darkleaf Studded Leather Armor, +1 Crossbolt Bolts (10) Chime of Opening, Horn of Battle Clarity, Handy Haversack

Oil of Magic Stone, Potion of Owl’s Wisdom, Potion of Darkvision, Oil of Darkness (2)

Smoky Quartz 50g, Moonstone 20g, Golden Pearl 100g, Jade Earrings 75g

235 g

Into the Forest

After clearing out the pirate ship, the group found a Chelish naval captain, Mase Venjam. Venjam was able to verify that there had been other prisoners aboard the ship, but a dark-skinned elf took them shortly before the party arrived. He also overheard the elf and Captain Grudge talking about possibly needing more supplies for their efforts in Celwynvian. Once released, Venjam set off to return to his post, giving his word to try to repay the group’s actions.

With many clues leading toward Celwynvian, the group saw what could be their next destination. As they headed back to their lodging they were stopped by Kwava who wished to speak to them.

Meeting up at Kwava’s campsite just outside of Riddleport, the group is given more information about Kwava’s mission and his superiors. Having sent word of your actions to his superiors, Kwava was then asked to ask for the party to help them by heading to the Mierani forest and a Elvin camp called Crying Leaf to take the journals and all the information that they’ve gained from dealing with the drow.

After resupplying, the group sets off north toward the Mierani forest. Along the way the group finds a small oasis along the road, unfortunately it was guarded by a group of monitor lizards. The creatures had setup a nest near the oasis and didn’t want the party anywhere near. The party seemed to agree and avoided the oasis and continued on.

Continuing on the group soon meets up with the Velashu Horse Lords, Ulfen explorers who have mixed their blood with Varisians and Shoanti. The Horse Lords are known for the specially breed and trained horses that are stronger and healthier than normal horses. After a bit of negotiating the two groups part way, the party leaving with several of the specially breed horses.

Finally after a long journey, the group reaches the Mierani forest. Pushing into the forest the group continues toward Crying Leaf. While traveling through the forest, the party comes upon a group of Forest Drakes looking to ambush some prey. Unfortunately for the drakes, they didn’t hide very well and were easily spotted and defeated by the party.

Once the drakes were taken care of a group of elves emerged from the shadows of the forest. The lead elf, a gruff and standoffish elf, introduces himself as Kaerishiel. He and his group of rangers were sent out to watch for the people that Kwava had sent.

With the escort of Kaerishiel and his band of rangers, the group is lead to the camp of Crying Leaf to meet with the commander, Eviana Nirgassan.


XP: 740 (19,910)

Gold: 2,000 gp (For selling the Drow journals)


Returning to Riddleport, the group is received with fanfare and excitement as the only exploration team that has come back not decimated. The crowd around the docks push in close to catch of glimpse of those that were able to retrieve the skymetal.

Various groups from Riddleport are waiting at the dock to see the group, first is the Overlord who wishes to know all that happened on the island. The Cyphermages and the Gasforge Dwarves are also there to do some business with the group. When all is said and done, the group has offers of free magic items and free crafting of the Noqual that was collected.

The group has also drawn the attention of another within the crowd. A half-elf watches from the shadows and waits for a chance to talk with the group. Finding the time, Elyon approaches the party and asks for assistance with a problem. Slavers have taken his sister and the clues he has lead him to Riddleport with a name, Captain Elreth Treeg.

Treeg is also known as Captain Grudge is a pirate that is know in the region for holding even minor slights against him for long periods of time. Rumors say he sometimes waited months to years to get revenge for a minor slight. He’s known for basic piracy and also as being a transport method for slavers (not actually doing the slaving, just taking coins to move the slaves).

Agreeing to help Elyon, the party meets at a local dock-side pub that is frequented by slavers to see if any of Captian’s Treeg’s crew are in. After spotting the group and having a few words with them, the talks devolve into a bar fight and quickly ends with one of the pirates being let to return to the ship.

Talking amongst themselves, the party decides to seek out the Captian’s ship rather than letting him come to them. They easily find the ship, moored 30 feet off the docks. Commandeering a nearby rowboat the group moves in, a couple invisible to take on the ship.

After a fiery opening volley, the group boards the vessel to have a small group of pirates and marksmen try to repel them. Soon though, a cabin door opened and out strode a man that seemed to ooze confidence and menace. Just from his threats and shouts, his men seemed to be rallied and fought harder.

The fight was long and bloody but soon the group was able to prevail, killing the captain and all but 1 of the crew.


XP: 2050 (19,170 total)

12 sets [Masterwork Scimitar, Masterwork Heavy Crossbow with 5 bolts, elixir of swimming, potion of bull’s strength, potion cure light wound, potion of jump, alchemist fire, studded leather armor]
6 sets [Masterwork Chain Shirt, Masterwork Composite Longbow +2 str with 15 arrows, potion of cure mod, 3 +1 arrows, cloak of resistance +1]

Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (20 charges), Cloak of Resistance +1, Masterwork Studded Leather, Masterwork Whip, +1 Rapier, +1 Chain Shirt, Belt of Dex +2, Bracers of Armor +1, Wand of Magic Missile (25 charges), 4 adamantine bullets

Potions/Scrolls: Scroll of Unnatural Lust, 2 Potion of Cure Mod, Scroll of Summon Swarm, Scroll of Bullet Ward

Gems/Jewelry: Alexandrite 428gp, Deep blue spinel 345gp, Brooche 407gp

Coins: 1256 gp


After a night of rest, the group sets out in the morning to look into the rumors some of the men had of seeing a multi-headed monster roaming the woods. One of the men offered to lead the group to the spot where he had seen the beast, but after that returned to the camp.

Searching the area, the group quickly found evidence of something quiet large had moved through the woods. Following the trail, the group found a large hole dug into the ground; the trail led right up to the hole.

Sneaking in close, Ead could hear something down below. The sounds reminded her of something gnawing on a bone. With a bit of concentration, she sent down some magical light, and before too long the gnawing sound was replaced by a bestial cry and the stomping of feat as the creature moved to defend it’s home.

A hydra emerged from the hole, but not before Ead placed a well timed shot directly into the things chest, hurting it greatly. But the beast fought on, knocking Ead into unconsciousness before falling there itself. As the group began to work on cutting off heads, the hydra woke and resumed it’s attack; only to be cut down again.

Finally the grisly work was done, the hydra’s 8 heads were all severed and the beast was finally, truly dead. The group searched the den quickly, finding some serviceable equipment before heading back to the camp, Ead bringing a new trophy along; one of the severed heads.

The remaining days on the island were spend hunting down more of the Akatas and Void Zombies. The group hoped to kill off enough of the creatures to limit the damage they could do. But finally the day arrived and the Flying Cloud was seen on the horizon coming toward the island.

The voyage home was uneventful, as Creesy wanted to know all about the island and what happened. Arriving back in Riddleport, the group was received almost as heroes.

As their cargo was being unloaded, the group was approached by a representative from the Cyphermages. As a reward for seeing Sam and the rest of the expedition home, each of the group is allowed to select one magic item from the Cyphermages stockroom (up to 2,000 gold value). With a few more well wishes, the representative leaves, only to be replaced by a dwarf from the Gas Forges. He lets the group know that the only place in the area that can work the space metal is the forges, and they are willing to cut a deal with the group for a chance to work with the metal (no additional cost for creating items out of noqual).

Finally arriving home, the group begins to get things into their hideout when they are approached by a half elf. Elyon introduces himself and asks for the groups help. His sister had been kidnapped by slavers and the trail he followed led back to Riddleport and to the ship of a Captain Elreth “Grudge” Treeg. A pirate captain who is known around Riddleport for being transport for slavers. The group agrees to help Elyon and will meet him the next morning to look for some more clues.


XP: 780 xp (17,120 total)

Loot: Heavy Repeating Crossbow, Composite Short bow, Masterwork Whip, Chaos’s Herald (Voidglass Great Axe), Feather Token (Anchor)

Potions/Scrolls: Potion of Invisibility, Potion of Magic Stone

Gems/Jewelry: Tourmaline (68 gp), Jade (68 gp), Rose Quartz (43 gp), Zircon (57 gp)

Gold: 200 gp

Let's Explore

After clearing out the Drow from the caves and bringing their treasure back to the camp, the party relaxes for the day reflecting on what they learned. The Drow had used Devil’s Elbow as a testing ground for some magical device that can pull the stars from the sky, and they are trying to perfect the weapon as to not show signs of the impending danger (the blot over Riddleport, etc).

During the day, the group decides that it would be good to check out a few other places on the island that they haven’t been able to explore fully; the crater and the western watchtower. So the next morning they set out for the crater.

The trek was difficult, the terrain around the impact site slowing the group down, but soon they made it and began to search the area. Soon they happened upon a group of Akata, but this group was led by a pair of larger Akatas. But even the addition of the larger creatures wasn’t enough to overpower the group, who handily won the fight.

Checking over the corpses, Artan and Feran find small shards of Noqual ore embedded in the larger Akata’s hide.

Looking around the crater area, the group can see several other groups of Akatas and Void Zombies roaming the area. Leaving to return later, the group heads toward the western watchtower. Stopping for a quick bite before hand, they soon arrive at the cliffside where the burned and destroyed rubble of the watchtower sits.

As the group searched the area around the tower, Ead peeked over the side of the cliff, catching view of a pair of manticores making their way out of a cave in the side of the cliff face. The ensuing fight, ended with one manticore down and the other falling to it’s death along the cliff side.

Ead and Feran quickly climbed down to the cave and found the remains of several creatures that the manticores had used as dinner, humans, dwarves, drow, akata, even some that were obviously void zombies. Collecting up any usable gear the group heads back to camp with the intent of finishing off the remaining akata on the island and also hunting down the multi-headed beast that they have heard rumors about.


XP: 960 xp

Loot: Masterwork Chain Shirt, Masterwork Rapier, Masterwork hand crossbow, Masterwork Light Steel Shield, +1 Scimitar, Masterwork Falchion, 50’ Silk rope, Spyglass, 2 lbs of Noqual ore

Potions/Scrolls: Potion Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Displacement, Potion of Protection from Chaos, Scroll of Summon Monster 3

Gems/Jewelry: Earrings (105 gp), Brooche (116 gp), Amethyst (62)

Coins: 182 gp

Back into the Darkness

Bedding down for the night, the group is awoke by the calls of some of the guards. In the darkness a strange cackling can be heard, and it seems familiar. In the shadows the group just makes out the claws, fangs, and pinpoints of red light that serve as eyes of the Shadow Demon. It drifts among the shadows, just at the edge of the campfire’s light, laughing and taunting the group before fading into the night.

Morning arrives and the group makes their preparations. Soon they find themselves at the secret door with Sam and another pair of Cyphermages who begin to cast a few spells to help.

Throwing open the door, the group realizes that the area remains dark even though sunlight is pouring in. Within the shadows of the cave, two drow warriors can be seen accompanied by a pair of drow zombies. The fight begins with the group watching the shadows for the demon to appear, and they don’t have to wait long.

From the shadows the demon appears, clawing up Artan, but after a tense battle the preparations pay off and the demon is sent back to where it came from.

Continuing the exploration, the group finds a small side cave that has been boarded up with a warning, written in the spidery writing of the Drow, of a dangerous undead beyond. What the group finds is not a dangerous undead, but the ghost of the siren that use to live on the island. The ghost remains bound to the cave due to the Drow’s magic but is content to know that the group was able to help her love pass on to the next life.

Once the barrier containing the ghost is brought down, she is able to go meet her love, but not before she tells the group what she knows of the cave and the Drow, and also imparting a bit of a gift to the group.

Moving forward the group finds a cave that seems to be used as a lab to study the Akata. One is found on a table, laid out and dissected. They also come across a room that looks to be a kind of barracks for the warriors with the only other tunnel being blocked by a curtain.

Beyond the curtain is a massive cavern, dominated by a clear pool of sea water and a waterfall. Within the cavern another Drow warrior waits along with another male Drow, but this one is different in dress and attitude. The group also spots a large form moving through the water, an orca whale.

The battle begins and it is ferocious as the orca begins to savage anyone that it can reach while the warrior fires it’s hand crossbow and the other Drow uses a wand to create a ball of flame in his hand and begins throwing it at the party.

The strange Drow is taken down and the orca injured as the group pushes its way into the cave, far enough to spot another Drow high up on a ledge. This female drops down to walk on the water, her unholy symbol blatant on her chest.

But even her connection to her deity isn’t enough to save her, as the group manages to finish her off and scare the orca away. Searching the cave, the gropu finds crates of mundane equipment and also a chest filled with Noqual ore and several journals.

Collecting up everything, the group heads back to their camp to go through the info they have while they wait for their ship to return.


XP: 1910 (15,380)

Loot: 6 sets (Masterwork Rapier, Masterwork Chain Shirt, Masterwork Light Steel Shield, Masterwork Hand Crossbow, 8 bolts), +1 Spear, Masterwork Leather, Masterwork Silver Dagger, +1 Flail, +1 Mithral Banded Mail, Cloak of Resistance +1, +1 Heavy Steel Shield, +1 Crossbow Bolts (10), Masterwork Hand Crossbow, Wand of Produce Flame (25 charges), Wand of Cure Light Wounds (40 charges), 53 lbs of Noqual Ore

Potions/Scrolls: Potion Cure Light Wounds x6, Potion of Lesser Restoration x2, Potion of Remove Paralysis x3, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x5, Potion of Neutralize Poison, Scroll of Charm Monster

Gems/Jewelry: Costume Jewelry (5 gp), Alexandrite (177gp), Alexandrite (124gp), Ring (120gp)

Coins: 200 gps

Misc: Block & Tackle x 2, Canvas (10 square yards), 50’ of chain, Crowbar x5, Fishing Net x 3, Grappling Hook x 6, Hammer x4, Hooded Lantern x 6, Masterwork Shipwright tools, Masterwork Carpenters Tools, Masterwork Tailor tools, Merchant Scale, Miner’s Pick x7, Pitons x 14, Sack x 17, Sledge x 2, Vintage Cheliax Wine x 4 bottles (300 gp each), Silver scroll tube (150gp) w/ maps of Devils Elbow (before and after meteorite strike), Riddleport, Celwynvian, Western Varisia, and all of Varisia, Tsalkaean’s Bestiary (+2 K. Dungeoneering to identify aberrations and oozes, worth 200gp), Thoughts on Varisian Customs (10 gp), Shindiira’s Journal

Trial Run

After resting, the group agrees to head down to the cliffs and see what the mark on Clegg’s map is. The journey to the cliffs is a short one, a winding path cuts it’s way into the cliff face, ending 20 feet above the crashing water. Searching along the wall, the group soon finds the faint remains of tracks leading into what appears to be a solid wall, but some checking reveals the solid wall to actually have a hidden door carved into it.

Opening the door, the group realized a moment too late that a trap was laid into the door. Pushing through the blast of the trap, the party enters into a cave room with a pair of dark-skinned elves waiting for them, hand crossbows firing even as Artan moves through the door.

The drow fight against the party even though they are blinded by the sunlight coming in through the door. Quickly the two guards are defeated but as the group moves into another room, the shadows themselves condense into a pair of claws and a mouth of fangs as a Shadow Demon assaults the party.

Quickly realizing that their weapons are having no lasting effect on the creature, the group makes a tactical withdraw followed by the taunting laugh of the Shadow Demon.

Regrouping within their camp the group discusses the creature with Sam and soon find out what weaknesses the demon has and finds some gear around the camp to help them. But before heading back, the group decides to head out to the crater to do some more exploring.

Getting close to the crater created by the impact, the forest becomes denser and older until the first signs of the impact become evident, ancient trees, knocked down and crushed and burned in some places.

As the group explores, they run into a pack of Akata. The Akata are no match for the group and are quickly defeated, but not before infecting one of the group. After a few moments to heal up the injury the group presses on, finding the area cleared of trees and the ground littered with debris. In the distance more Akata and Void Zombies can be seen, but the group also manages to unearth a small shard of the green skymetal, Noqual, before heading back to camp for the night.


XP: 420 xp

Loot: 1 lb chunk of Noqual Ore, Vial of Cold Iron weapon blanch

Coins: 30 gold

Ending a "Friendship"

After dealing with the group of harpies, the group decides that with their resources low it would be the best for them to return to camp. Quickly they make their way through camp, Kage easily finding her way through the forest as if she had grown up in the wild.

Once in camp the group begins their evening tasks, but something begins to bother Kage. A guard standing before the tent that the group has yet to be allowed into seems to be extremely nervous. He tries to pass it off as uneasiness due to the strange creatures attacking the camp, but Kage can tell that there is something more.

With a bit of help from an unexpected source, Akron, Kage is able to make it into the tent and finds that the tent has been converted into a makeshift field hospital. Two of the beds are occupied by Zincher’s thugs, both of whom appear to be near the fatal end of a disease. After working on the two for a bit, Kage is able to help them recover some and she figures out that the disease is most likely caused by a bite of the strange lion-like creatures, the Akatas.

When night falls, the group beds down with a look-out stationed. During the night, while Artan is watching for trouble, a group of the strange zombies begins to close in on the camp. A warning shout goes up and soon the camp is fighting off the zombies, the party taking on trio of zombies while Zincher’s guards contend with another trio attacking from another entrance. Unfortunately, the zombies are not the only things lurking in the night.

Floating in toward the camp, mostly concealed by the shadows, a wraith begins it’s assault on the party. The fight is a difficult one, due to the wraith’s unnatural defenses. Even though Ead’s attacks seem to be dealing some damage to the undead, she is unable to stay close to it and retreats. But her new vantage point allows her to see a new prey, one she has had her eye on for a bit.

In the confusion of the fighting, Clegg Zincher attempts to sneak out of the camp. Ead spots him and takes an opportunity to show her gratitude for everything Clegg has done for/to her, and puts an arrow in his back. With a roar of rage, Clegg turns back to the catgirl and attacks, shouting for his guards to do the same.

The combat is vicious, but soon the wraith is destroyed, revealing the ghostly form of Yaris Neraken the founder of Devil’s Elbow. His spirit calls out for “my Varashi” before dissipating into the night. With the wraith defeated the party can now focus on Clegg on his remaining bodyguard, and are aided by a new ally. Akron reveals himself to be a member of the Sable Company of Korvosa, a group of specially trained marines who sometimes preemptively strike at Korvosa’s foes, in this case Clegg.

After a brutal fight, one where Akron is almost killed by Clegg and Feran was badly injured by one of Clegg’s Halg-Giant guards, the party comes out on top in a rather grisly fashion. Once Clegg is knocked unconscious, Ead moves up and quickly executes him and with a howl of triumph displays the grisly trophy to the rest of Clegg’s guards. The guards quickly give up.

Once things are calmed down a bit and some healing is dispensed, Akron is able to get the guards to agree to continue on guarding the campsite (giving the party a somewhat safe place to camp) as long as they are paid for the remainder of the stay on the island. Also while searching through Clegg’s things, the group finds documents that show just how corrupt Clegg was, and how much wealth that he really owned. Also within his possessions is a map with a marking where guards found deposits of the skymetal ore and one other mark that no one is able to say what’s its for. A simple ‘X’ is marked along the cliff side not far from the camp.

The group decides to rest up and begin searching for whatever the X marks in the morning.


XP: 1500 xp ( 13050 xp total )

Loot: +1 Leather Armor, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Masterwork Pickaxe, Masterwork Throwing Axe (4), Acid Flask (2), Alchemist Fire (2), 50’ Silk Rope, Masterwork Dagger, +1 Crystal Hilt, 35 pounds of Noqual Ore

Potions/Scrolls: Potion of Shield of Faith +3

Gems/Jewelry: Beryls (8 each worth 40gp), Rubies (4 each worth 100 gp), Black pearl (100 gp)

Coins: 150 PP

A stroll through the forest

Once the group was done with the watchtower, they continued their exploration of the island. Choosing to head north into the forest, heading toward the main impact site. As they traveled the forest began to grow denser as they moved deeper into the island. Trees, growing packed near each other, filtering down the light.

Through the dense trees the group managed to spot a small clearing. The trees around the clearing had been burned or knocked down, and pacing around the area were a pair of the strange zombie creatures. The group attacked, figuring to put the zombies at rest, but as the fight began it was quickly joined by a pair of the strange lion-like creatures, Akatas. But even the addition of Akatas was not enough to save the zombies, the party soon gained the upper hand and dispatched all the foes.

Searching the small crater that was at the center of the clearing, the group managed to unearth a small lump of a strange ore, Noqual, before continuing their journey. A small lake was a perfect place for a quick rest as Kage checked a wound that Artan had received from one of the Akatas, knowing their the creature’s bite carried a strange disease.

Continuing deeper into the forest, the group soon comes upon a strange occurrence in the forest, voices coming from a group of trees. The trees seemed to be woven together to form a kind of nest, and from that nest a trio of voices could be heard.

Quietly, the group approached, several melding into the shadows cast by the over hanging branches while two (Kage and Malek) stayed within sight of the nest. A break in the stealth caused the occupants of the nest to appear, a trio of harpies, and begin a conversation with Kage and Malek, unaware that the other three were reading themselves to attack.

The time came quickly as Malek and Kage decided to leave the harpies and continue on their way. One of the harpies began to act, but was quickly put down as a trio of attacks quickly found their marks and dropped her. The remaining two put up a bit of a fight, but also were defeated.

Searching the nest, the group found the remains of several of the harpies recent guest/meals, taking what items of value they could find before leaving.


XP: 720 xp

Loot: Masterwork Morningstar x3, Leather Armor (bit of meat and the smell of decay cling to the armor) x3, Masterwork Blowgun darts (10), blowgun, misc mundane equipment, 2 pounds of Noqual ore

Potions/Scrolls: Potion of Keen Edge, Potion of Fly, Arcane Scroll of Animate rope

Gems/Jewelry: Coral 66gp, Armbands 257gp, Aquamarine 180gp, Red garnet 98gp, Earrings 186gp, Aquamarine 180gp

Coins: 200 gp

Meeting an "Old Friend"

The journey to Clegg’s camp is uneventful, if not a little soggy due to the sudden rainstorm that blew in just as the group began it’s travels. The storm only lasted a few minutes, but it was enough to soak and chill everyone.

Following the trail leads the group to a pair of partially collapsed buildings. Just a bit from the buildings, Clegg’s camp sits in the middle of a large clearing. The group entered the camp and were immediately challenged by a guard, but after some quick talking they were allowed to warm themselves by the fire.

The camp itself teemed with a kind of unsaid tension. All of the guards were on alert, which would be expected with the strange creatures roaming the forest. Soon a man exits from one of the tents, a towering dark-skinned man with a soft voice, and has a short conversation with the party. Some of the group recognize the man as Akron Erix, a Garundi mercenary who has worked for Clegg on several different occasions, but there are some rumors that there might be more to him than just a thug.

By talking with Akron, the party is able to get an audience with Clegg and enter his opulent tent. It takes a few minutes, but finally Clegg Zincher walks in from the partitioned off side of the tent. He greats the party as if they were old friends and asks what they are doing way out here on the island. The party lays out how they would like Clegg to allow the remaining Cyphermages to stay in his camp until they can secure passage off the island. Clegg is willing to allow it, but he asks the group to help him with a few things.

For allowing the Cyphermages to stay within the camp, Clegg asks the group to work with him to do a few tasks; collecting Noqual, catching a live Akata, and defending the camp. The first and last make sense, but the second request had several of the group worried. Clegg says that he wishes to have one of the creatures to use in his fighting arena, and assures the party that all precautions will be taken to make sure the creatures can’t escape.

After a bit of deliberating amongst themselves, the group agrees, but something was bothering Kage. Clegg seemed to acting a bit differently and after a bit of magical detection she confirmed that Clegg had been charmed by something.

With that knowledge the group sets up within Clegg’s camp and after lunch is sent out to begin their tasks. They head out toward the eastern watchtower, keeping their eyes out for any possible Noqual. Unfortunately they don’t see any before making it to the watchtower. The group takes a few minutes to search around and inside the tower, finding a few items within but the real treasures seem to be outside. Around the back of the watchtower, near the edge of the cliff, Kage spots what looks to be a skeleton with some equipment hidden under a bush. Freeing the body, the group quickly sorts through the gear, finding some coinage along with an enchanted longsword and a buckler with Sarenrae’s symbol along the front.

Gathering the items up, the group decides to continue exploring the island.


Loot: +1 Cold Iron Longsword (blade glows as a torch at all times), +1 Fire-Forged Steel Buckler (Sarenrae’s symbol emblazoned on it’s front)

Gems/Jewelry: Aquamarine (191gp), Alexandrite (226gp), Aquamarine (314gp), Ring (160gp), Earrings (289gp), Necklace (315gp), Garnet (250gp)

Coins: 34 gp, 13 pp


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