Second Darkness

Larur is Missing

Things have been looking up for the Golden Goblin after the party manages to bring back the shipment of exotic liquors. More people have been coming in and the Goblin has managed to improve in popularity (gaining each character 20 gold a week for working at the Goblin). Though this prosperous time does lead to darker things.

One morning something is clearly wrong. Larur is not making his rounds and has not been seen by any of the employees. This is not in Larur’s usual routine, and Saul is soon confirming that Larur has gone missing.

It seems that Larur was given the task of making a payment to a local moneylender by the name of Lymas Smeed. Larur was given 500 gold as a payment on a loan that was taken out to help the get Goblin back on it’s feat with the Goblin being the collateral. No one has seen Larur since he set off to make the payment.

Saul has even gotten word that Larur’s house has been broken into and ransacked. He asks the group to head to Smeed’s house on Rat Street to see if they can find any clues on Larur’s whereabouts.

The group agrees and proceeds to Smeed’s home. Arriving there, they soon find some evidence in the form of bloody and slashed up cloak, a cloak they recognize as Larur’s. Trying to talk to Smeed is a difficult task, since he recognizes the group as Saul’s Caps and accuses the group of trying to intimidate him into forgetting the loan against Saul, but the group does get enough Smeed to say that no one was scheduled to make a payment.

Talking things over amongst themselves, the group decides to head to Larur’s place to see if any evidence can be found there. Upon arriving they find that Saul’s info was true, the house has been broken into and looted, and a pair of drunks have taken up residence. Talking with the drunks reveal that they arrived “sometime in the night” and found the place open and looted. Upon more investigations, the group finds that Larur never made it home the previous night, but they do come across the dead to the house within a hidden drawer.

Returning to Smeed’s home, Sylvia and Kage manage to talk to Smeed a bit more, but don’t get much more info. Only that Smeed was never informed about any payment being made and no one from the Goblin ever stopped by with a payment.

The group decides to stop for a quick drink and discuss their next course of action. After some deliberation it’s decided at some of the group will check around town for any word on anyone coming into a windfall of money (the lost 500 gold payment), while the rest head back to the Goblin to ask Saul if anyone knew about the plan to make the payment.

Stepping out of the bar the group runs into a tiefling who seems to know them, or at least heard of them. Introducing himself as Volrath, he proceeds to tell the group that he has heard some good tails of the group and wanted to see them for himself. Unfortunately about this time others are also looking for the party.

Coming through the morning crowd, a rough-looking orc pushes a familiar man to the ground who proceeds to spot the party and identifies them. Fik looks to be pretty beat up as the orc ignores him and proceeds to taunt the party as he walks closer, the rest of his group following behind. The orc, Arkus, seems to be a leader of the slaving group that had captured Larur’s clanmates, even Straw is back.

A battle ensues and the group prevails, leaving Arkus dead in the street and Straw without her head. Gathering up a few items quickly, the party leaves before the Genderarms arrive.

XP: 400 xp

Masterwork Chain Shirt, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Masterwork Scimitar, Shortsword (2), Dart (5)

Scroll of Shield (2), LIquid Ice (2), Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Bull’s Strength

200 gp

Wine Delivery

One morning, Larur calls the group into his office with a request from Saul himself. It seems that an order of exotic liquor has finally arrived at the docks. The order was supposed to have been delivered for the Cheat the Devil tournament, but due to storm delays has just now arrived.

Saul is worried that news has already gotten out that the shipment is being held at the docks, and is sure that any of the crime lords or even the Overlord himself would have no problem taking the shipment. So he is asking the group to head down to the docks and safely bring the liquor back. Saul seems to be worried enough, that he has even hired a new member to help with the task, Uneinnehmbare Mondstein, a massive oread fighter.

After a quick conversation with Uneinnehmbare, the group heads down to the docks. Unfortunately they find that Saul’s suspicions were true and one of the crime lords already has men there loading up the cargo led by Braddikar Faje.

After a few coarse words between the two groups, weapons were drawn and blood was shed. Though the party came out on top, saving the cargo.

XP: 400 xp

Masterwork Longsword, Banded Mail, +1 Large Steel Shield, Cloak of Resistance +1
Masterwork Rapier, Masterwork Longbow
2 x (Studded leather armor, shortsword)
Leather armor, rapier, dagger x 4, shortbow with 10 arrows

Potion of cure moderate wounds, Scroll of glitterdust, Scroll of invisibility, Scroll of magic weapon, Scrolls of mirror image (2), Scroll of obscuring mist, Scroll of protection from evil, Scroll of scorching ray, Wand of Mage armor (20 charges)
Spellbook [ cantrips, Magic Missle, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Adjuring Step, Enlarge Person, Burning Hands, Gravity Bow, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, False Life, Create Pit]

125 gp

Dwarven Reward & New Employee

Once the group cleaned up Straw’s slaving crew, the dwarves were free to go. Returning to Larur with the good news the next day, Larur let the party know that the he had pulled some strings with the dwarves at the Gas Forges and with the help of the recently freed workers had worked out a reward for the group.

Each party member can have the dwarves forge an item for them at cost (as if the player is crafting it themselves). The item can be masterwork.

The next week of the Goblin went by without any major problems. Though during that time, a Half-elf approached Malek in need of help. Samaritha Beldusk explained how she had come to Riddleport in hopes of becoming a full-fledged Cyphermage. Unfortunately, no Cyphermages were accepting apprentices at the time. Now the money Samaritha put away for her apprenticeship is running out and she is need of a job. She came to the Golden Goblin in hopes of finding a job as a waitress.

After talking with some of the group and Larur, it is decided that Samaritha would be a good addition to the Goblin and would start right away. Saul has even allowed her to stay within the Goblin, with a slightly reduced wage.

Since Samaritha has started working at the Goblin, she has seemed to infuse the place with a new energy. Her upbeat personality is almost infectious to the customers and seems to be helping business along.

First week and a personal request

A week has pasted since the group has agreed to work with Saul to try and make the Golden Goblin a success. During that time, everyone has done their part in helping to make that dream come true and as the first week closes, Saul calls everyone into his office to give them all the good news… The Goblin is turning a profit!

With this news, Saul thanks the group for their hard work and gives them their cut of the profits (5 extra gp).

Once the meeting with Saul is done, the party is stopped by Larur, the Floor master of casino. He asks the party if he could have a private word with them at his flat later that night to discuss something.

Once the group finishes their work at the Goblin, they head over to Larur’s flat to see what he has to discuss. Larur explains that it has come to his attention that several fellow dwarves from the Gas Forges did not show up for their duties that day, an occurrence that is troubling. Looking into the situation, Larur has heard rumors of a group of dwarves last being seen heading into a Rotgut District tavern called “The Castaway”. This is where he needs the party’s assistance. He asks, as a person favor, if the group would check out this tavern and see if they can find any evidence of his fellow dwarves.

Agreeing to the request, the party heads down to the Rotgut District and quickly finds the small tavern. Inside the rundown tavern, the group chats up some patron until the wrong question leads to the patrons attacking. After a short fight, the thugs are down and the bartender Fik fills the group in on everything. The tavern is a front for a shanghai trade, people are brought in, attacked, and dragged down into the tunnels below the tavern before being hauled off to a waiting ship.

Continuing through a secret door, the group descends into the smuggler tunnels that run under Riddleport. Within the tunnels, the group finds and raids a small alchemical lab before continuing along and encountering a duo of strange blob-like creatures.

In a large, expanded cavern of the tunnels, the group runs into the leader of this group. A half-orc woman named Straw. After a brief fight, Straw and her remaining thugs are defeated and the party finds the group of missing dwarves. Once freed the dwarves thank the group and give their word to return the favor.

XP: 450 xp

5 x (Studded Leather armor, short sword, sap), long spear, Masterwork Light X-bow with 20 regular bolts, Masterwork Light Wooden Shield, Masterwork Breastplate, Masterwork Scimitar, Javelin x 4, sap

Wand of Cure Light Wounds (44 charges), Potion of Cure Light Wounds x 3, Potion of Enlarge Person, Potion of Bull Strength

2 weapon blanch – silver, 3 Alchemist fire, 3 vials of Acid, 1 Fuse Grenade, 2 Vials of Small Centipede Poison, Alchemist Formula Book (Cure Light, Ant Haul, Shield, Expeditious Retreat, Endure Elements, Detect Secret Doors)

352 gp, Onyx gem (50 gp), 3 pearl (10 gp), Gold Necklace (100 gp)

First Night

Upon returning to the Golden Goblin after reacquiring the stolen silver, getting them much appreciation from Larur, the group has some down-time before their first night working as employees.

The night starts out pretty well, Malek and Slyvia helping to bring people into the casino while Arten works the card table. Kage and Ead move among the crowds watching and listening to people. Unfortunately at one point a group of sailors, angry about losing out on the Cheat the Devil tournament make their way into the casino looking to make trouble.

The group spots the potential fight brewing and with some luck manages to placate the group of men and after they win a bit of money back, they leave without a fight. This causes Saul to institute a new “No weapon” policy at the Golden Goblin. All visitors must now check their weapons at the door (this doesn’t apply to any of the employees).

The next day Saul asks the group to be around for the “lunch rush” so they can see more of the casino’s daily routines, but before their shift is to start Saul rushes up to their rooms and pulls them out to see a new “potential problem”.

Taking the group up to the observation catwalks above the gaming hall, Saul points out an imitating man playing at one of the card tables, Clegg Zincher, one of Riddleport’s crime bosses and and old enemy of Saul’s. Saul tells the group to keep a close eye on Clegg since he isn’t known as a gambler so he must be here for some other reason.

Clegg plays a few rounds of cards, buys drinks for a few patrons, and even ends up giving a tip to Malek, asking him to split it with the rest of Saul’s new business partners before leaving with no other actions being taken. To most, it seems like he was just checking out thee competition.

Unfortunately that later doesn’t seem to be the case.

Sometime after Clegg has left, a kitchen worker comes running out to the gaming hall frantically calling for help. She sees Kage and tells here that snakes have gotten into the scullery and have bitten one of the worker who may be dead. The group heads to kitchen to investigate.

Artan, Malek, and Kage make it back into the kitchen where they are confronted by a pair of red-bellied snakes slithering out of the scullery. In a combination of alchemy, psionics, and swordsplay the snakes are defeated, but not before the gaming hall patrons are near panic at another attack on the Goblin.

Luckily Slyvia and Ead are able to take the patrons minds off of the snakes as the two entertain the crowd with a dance. A dance popular enough that the patrons are enthralled by the performance and completely forget about the fighting that was going on.

Searching the scullery, Arten finds not only the injured worker but a note make out to Saul telling him to get out of town. The worker is saved through Kage’s healing and the group now waits to show Saul the message and see what he wishes to do.

250 xp

Loose Ends

After a night of attempting to track down the ringleader of the casino heist, the group turns in and rests, readying themselves for their new employment at the Golden Goblin.

The new day begins as Artan and Sylvia attempt to help bring in customers to the casino. Artan’s unique use of alchemy skills with some beverages from the bar and some small attention getting firecrackers helped bring in some new blood to the Goblin. Sylvia did some time trying to convince people to come the casino, but unfortunately was unable to bring in any new customers.

After sometime, the group decided to finish up the last of the loose ends they had, the few thieves that had escaped from the original heist.

The location of the flop-house was easily obtained, with the general location from the captured thief and some talking to the locals. After a quick recon, the group decided to do a smash and clear. An alchemist bomb through the window started things off.

A short fight followed, with one thief surrendering after falling down the steps due to not seeing Malek on the stairs. Ead took down another of the thieves who was trying to gain cover from Artan. The last thief managed to spring a surprise on the party as he released a pair of sewer centipedes on the party. One of them managed to bite and poison Ead, but both of the new opponents were quickly taken down.

As the party was occupied with the centipedes, the thief that had surrendered attempted to make a break for it. He made it into the street where Ead manged to bring him down. Seeing that there was no more allies left, the remaining thief also attempted to flee, this time out a window. He managed to get past a few party member and out the window before Sylvia managed to bring him down with a dagger between the shoulders.

Searching the small house, the party found a treasure chest. Taking his time, Artan manged to open the chest and inside found several items that could be of some worth, but most importantly a small sack full of silver coins.

XP: 150
Items: Rapier (3), Dagger (6), Leather Armor (3), Cure Light Wound Potion (2), Scroll of Summon Nature Ally 1 – CL1, 50’ Hemp rope, 100 gold

Golden Goblin Cleanup

After the foiled robbery attempt, Saul manages to pacify the crowd by offering to cash in tournament chips at a higher rate. Though many grumble and complain, the crowd quickly lines up to cash out. As this begins, Saul approaches the characters and asks if they would stick around and listen to a proposition that he has for them.

Before meeting with Saul, the characters decide to have a “talk” with the remaining thieves before they are carted off. Thanks to some impressive interrogations, the characters learn that the crooks were hired to steal the chest of silver and Angvar was to deliver the loot to the docks and receive his payment.

Saul meets with the characters and lays out his proposal. The characters are to become junior partners in the Golden Goblin, earning a weekly wage and a cut of the casino’s weekly profits along with room and board. But this is a cover for the the characters serving as Saul’s troubleshooters/enforcers.

After agreeing to the job offer, Saul gives a tour to of the casino and introductions to the rest of the staff (the 5 that didn’t quit after the robbery), Larur Feldin (Floor manager and aide to Saul, Dwarf), Bojask (Saul’s personal bodyguard and beast-keeper, Half-Orc), Lixy Parmenter (Croupier of the ghoulette game, Human), Beyar and Hans (Saul’s most trusted guards, human). Then Saul leaves the characters with Larur to discuss what positions that each character will be performing within the casino.

Before bedding down for the night, the characters decide to see if they can intercept whoever was going to be receiving the stolen loot. Using the information gained, they arrive at the docks and find a trio of thugs by a docked ship.

Kage and Ead engage the trio in conversation, while the rest stay hidden. Once the conversation begins to turn more physical, swords are drawn, bombs are thrown, and thugs are educated on how to treat ladies. The characters then hide and wait to see if anyone comes looking for a chest of silver. Unfortunately no one arrives and it is decided that the group should head back and rest up for the night since they begin work at the casino the next morning.

XP: 100
Items: Shortsword (3), Studded Leather Armour (3), Sap (3), Club (3), 9 silver

Cheat the Devil

The adventure starts as the characters arrive at Riddleport for their own varied reasons. Each heading to the Golden Goblin gaming hall, some in search of employment, others money, still others for more noble reasons.

Arriving at the gaming hall, the characters find it to bustling with activity as the “Cheat the Devil and take his Gold” tournament is in full swing. Upon entering and signing over their souls to the tempting Succubi, the characters find themselves taking part in some of the various gaming tables. Some having runs of luck, others having luck run the other way.

As the tournament continued, Saul Vancaskerkin owner of the Golden Goblin, makes an appearance to welcome more people to his tournament. After explaining how a person can try to win back his soul, Saul departs. Once Saul departs, the games continue but only for a short time before something happens that interrupts the tournament.

A blinding display of colors flashes throughout the gaming hall, blinding the guards, patrons, and most of the characters. As the lights die out, a voice cuts through the growing confusion declaring a robbery. As armed thugs begin to knock most of the guards unconscious.

The heist would have gone off fairly well, except for the interference of the characters. Even through most were blinded themselves, they worked to stop the thieves, capturing the ringleaders and one of the lackeys.

Now that the confusion is starting to die down, the patron are turning from scared to angry as Saul comes back out.

XP: 360
Items: Masterwork Leather Armor (Cut for female), Rapier (2), Light Crossbow, Leather Bracers (+1 Magical), Wand (1st level shocking grasp, 8 charges), Sickle, Spellbook [Identify, Magic Aura, Truestrike, Grease, Hold Portal, Magic Missle, Shield], Leather Armor (2), Dagger (8), Sap (2), 42 gp in house chips

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