Second Darkness


Returning to Riddleport, the group is received with fanfare and excitement as the only exploration team that has come back not decimated. The crowd around the docks push in close to catch of glimpse of those that were able to retrieve the skymetal.

Various groups from Riddleport are waiting at the dock to see the group, first is the Overlord who wishes to know all that happened on the island. The Cyphermages and the Gasforge Dwarves are also there to do some business with the group. When all is said and done, the group has offers of free magic items and free crafting of the Noqual that was collected.

The group has also drawn the attention of another within the crowd. A half-elf watches from the shadows and waits for a chance to talk with the group. Finding the time, Elyon approaches the party and asks for assistance with a problem. Slavers have taken his sister and the clues he has lead him to Riddleport with a name, Captain Elreth Treeg.

Treeg is also known as Captain Grudge is a pirate that is know in the region for holding even minor slights against him for long periods of time. Rumors say he sometimes waited months to years to get revenge for a minor slight. He’s known for basic piracy and also as being a transport method for slavers (not actually doing the slaving, just taking coins to move the slaves).

Agreeing to help Elyon, the party meets at a local dock-side pub that is frequented by slavers to see if any of Captian’s Treeg’s crew are in. After spotting the group and having a few words with them, the talks devolve into a bar fight and quickly ends with one of the pirates being let to return to the ship.

Talking amongst themselves, the party decides to seek out the Captian’s ship rather than letting him come to them. They easily find the ship, moored 30 feet off the docks. Commandeering a nearby rowboat the group moves in, a couple invisible to take on the ship.

After a fiery opening volley, the group boards the vessel to have a small group of pirates and marksmen try to repel them. Soon though, a cabin door opened and out strode a man that seemed to ooze confidence and menace. Just from his threats and shouts, his men seemed to be rallied and fought harder.

The fight was long and bloody but soon the group was able to prevail, killing the captain and all but 1 of the crew.


XP: 2050 (19,170 total)

12 sets [Masterwork Scimitar, Masterwork Heavy Crossbow with 5 bolts, elixir of swimming, potion of bull’s strength, potion cure light wound, potion of jump, alchemist fire, studded leather armor]
6 sets [Masterwork Chain Shirt, Masterwork Composite Longbow +2 str with 15 arrows, potion of cure mod, 3 +1 arrows, cloak of resistance +1]

Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (20 charges), Cloak of Resistance +1, Masterwork Studded Leather, Masterwork Whip, +1 Rapier, +1 Chain Shirt, Belt of Dex +2, Bracers of Armor +1, Wand of Magic Missile (25 charges), 4 adamantine bullets

Potions/Scrolls: Scroll of Unnatural Lust, 2 Potion of Cure Mod, Scroll of Summon Swarm, Scroll of Bullet Ward

Gems/Jewelry: Alexandrite 428gp, Deep blue spinel 345gp, Brooche 407gp

Coins: 1256 gp


+1 chain shirt


Belt of Dex if no one else wants it


Artan could certainly use both the Amulet of Natural Armor +1 as well as the Belt of Dex +2. Since we seem to have a number of sets of potions (12 each of Elixir of Swimming, Bull’s Strength Cure Light Wounds, Jump and alchemist’s fire; 6 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds), he’ll also take 2 Elixirs of Swimming, 2 Bull’s Strength, 2 Cure Light Wounds, 2 Jump, a Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds and all of the alchemist’s fire (anyone else want one or two of those?).


ead may take a couple cure light and bulls strength. I figured the potions may stay in the party coffer for a while but sell the scrolls if no one wants them


we also have a boat that would sell for 5,000 gold. Ead’s all for keeping it because she wants to sail around the world for adventures, if she survives that long…and possible become a pirate.


1. The above items have been taken out
2. Boat not included
3. Potions not included – put in party bag for now
Per Humanoid:
2,603 Gold
8 Silver
8 copper


Kage would be interested in the heal wand, the two healing pots

AND the scroll of unnatural lust

for you know… science xD


I’d like the cloak of resistance and wand of magic missiles and a pot or two.


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