Second Darkness

A new adventure

The days have gone quickly after the tsunami crashed into Riddleport. With the combined effort of Overlord Cromarcky and the city Crimebosses (something that isn’t seen very often), the city is getting back on it’s feet.

Rumors have even begun to spread about several groups that have already managed to secure boats to head to Devil’s Elbow to see if they can find any of the star that fell. Hoping to cash in on the valuable metal.

Rumors also spread around town about the group wanting to sell off the Goblin. It was a bit difficult due to some people thinking the place was cursed due to all the recent activities, but a few interested parties did come through. One being Clegg Zincher, the other Shorafa Pamodae. Due to several reasons the group decided to meet with Shorafa.

A meeting with the high priestess of Calistria was setup within the walls of the Silken Veil, a high-class brothel and temple to Calistria. The meeting went fairly well, with the group securing purchase of the Goblin for a total of 20,000 gold, 6,000 of that payable up front with the rest being paid 500 per month. Also Shorafa agreed to give the group a 50% discount on drinks at the bar.

With new money in hand, the group begins to talk about how to improve their hideaway. Hoping to use the money they acquire to make the place secure.

During this downtime, the group is also approached by Kwava again, asking for any information they have on what Saul’s plans where. Upon seeing the body of Depora and reading her journal, the elf is quick to give what information he has on the Drow including some bits about his group. Kwava also enlists the group to head to Devil’s Elbow to see if the Drow mentioned in the journal are still at the island.


6,000 GP

If you guys have any ideas on what you want to do with Larur’s place, please let me know. I’m planning to use the information in Ultimate Campaign for building and upgrading the place. So let me know what thoughts you have and I’ll try to figure them out.


A hammock and a place to string it up. Other than using it as a place to sleep, she could care less about the house.

A new adventure

Alchemist’s Lab, of course. :)

A new adventure

How big is the place? Like, how many rooms? Malek personally would suggest building walls / breaking the place up in to smaller rooms so each could have a place to stash stuff/crash privately.

….And add a bar.

A new adventure

The place itself isn’t that big (Have to look through obsidian , see if there is someplace I can put the image I have). but there is always the possibility of adding to it, building up or down or buying up the flats next door.

A new adventure

Hmm… Malek’s got a fairly decent amount of money stockpiled. How much would the flats next door cost?

A new adventure

Has anyone taken their cut of the monies from that yet, or are we assuming we’re using it to fix the place up?

A new adventure

I took the 1,000 that each of us would have had from the 5,000 leaving the 1000 set aside for renovations…if that makes since.

A new adventure

Yup… I took Malek’s grand too.

We still need to determine renovations, though!

A new adventure

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