Second Darkness

Cheat the Devil

The adventure starts as the characters arrive at Riddleport for their own varied reasons. Each heading to the Golden Goblin gaming hall, some in search of employment, others money, still others for more noble reasons.

Arriving at the gaming hall, the characters find it to bustling with activity as the “Cheat the Devil and take his Gold” tournament is in full swing. Upon entering and signing over their souls to the tempting Succubi, the characters find themselves taking part in some of the various gaming tables. Some having runs of luck, others having luck run the other way.

As the tournament continued, Saul Vancaskerkin owner of the Golden Goblin, makes an appearance to welcome more people to his tournament. After explaining how a person can try to win back his soul, Saul departs. Once Saul departs, the games continue but only for a short time before something happens that interrupts the tournament.

A blinding display of colors flashes throughout the gaming hall, blinding the guards, patrons, and most of the characters. As the lights die out, a voice cuts through the growing confusion declaring a robbery. As armed thugs begin to knock most of the guards unconscious.

The heist would have gone off fairly well, except for the interference of the characters. Even through most were blinded themselves, they worked to stop the thieves, capturing the ringleaders and one of the lackeys.

Now that the confusion is starting to die down, the patron are turning from scared to angry as Saul comes back out.

XP: 360
Items: Masterwork Leather Armor (Cut for female), Rapier (2), Light Crossbow, Leather Bracers (+1 Magical), Wand (1st level shocking grasp, 8 charges), Sickle, Spellbook [Identify, Magic Aura, Truestrike, Grease, Hold Portal, Magic Missle, Shield], Leather Armor (2), Dagger (8), Sap (2), 42 gp in house chips


Is the female leather armor form fitting? Asking for Maleks sake. ;-P Sylvie can’t use anything except the Armor’s, dagger and crossbow. Not sure off hand what weapon type a sap is.

Cheat the Devil

Also, what was in the bag I was able to sneak?

Cheat the Devil

Yes, the leather armor is form fitting and revealing. The sap is a simple weapon if I remember right.

Cheat the Devil

masterwork leather armor and possibly the leather bracers(depending on their properties) are the only items Ead would be interested in.

Cheat the Devil

Artan can use simple weapons and light armor, though he’s only interested in the daggers and possibly the light crossbow. He would like a fair cut of any money or anything sold for money. The only spells he could use out of that spellbook he already knows, so unless we’ve got another arcane caster, that should be sold as well.

Cheat the Devil

Geeze I didn’t even realize this was here I am an idiot. You can comment on these? bah.

Okay, we’ll use this. I’ll divvy up the loot tomorrow I am far too tired tonight.

Cheat the Devil

Ead = MW leather armor
Ead/Malek = both want the bracers, but they are only +1 – Ead, do you mind if Malek gets them? They won’t stack with the leather armor.
Artan = Light crossbow and bolts
Artan/Sylvie = There are 8 daggers. 4 each? Or however you want to break them up?
Sylvie = 1 sap

Everyone: Selling everything not listed above and splitting 5 ways: 30 gp and 8 sp each.

Cheat the Devil

4 each on the daggers sounds good.

Cheat the Devil

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