Second Darkness

Dwarven Reward & New Employee

Once the group cleaned up Straw’s slaving crew, the dwarves were free to go. Returning to Larur with the good news the next day, Larur let the party know that the he had pulled some strings with the dwarves at the Gas Forges and with the help of the recently freed workers had worked out a reward for the group.

Each party member can have the dwarves forge an item for them at cost (as if the player is crafting it themselves). The item can be masterwork.

The next week of the Goblin went by without any major problems. Though during that time, a Half-elf approached Malek in need of help. Samaritha Beldusk explained how she had come to Riddleport in hopes of becoming a full-fledged Cyphermage. Unfortunately, no Cyphermages were accepting apprentices at the time. Now the money Samaritha put away for her apprenticeship is running out and she is need of a job. She came to the Golden Goblin in hopes of finding a job as a waitress.

After talking with some of the group and Larur, it is decided that Samaritha would be a good addition to the Goblin and would start right away. Saul has even allowed her to stay within the Goblin, with a slightly reduced wage.

Since Samaritha has started working at the Goblin, she has seemed to infuse the place with a new energy. Her upbeat personality is almost infectious to the customers and seems to be helping business along.



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