Second Darkness

First Night

Upon returning to the Golden Goblin after reacquiring the stolen silver, getting them much appreciation from Larur, the group has some down-time before their first night working as employees.

The night starts out pretty well, Malek and Slyvia helping to bring people into the casino while Arten works the card table. Kage and Ead move among the crowds watching and listening to people. Unfortunately at one point a group of sailors, angry about losing out on the Cheat the Devil tournament make their way into the casino looking to make trouble.

The group spots the potential fight brewing and with some luck manages to placate the group of men and after they win a bit of money back, they leave without a fight. This causes Saul to institute a new “No weapon” policy at the Golden Goblin. All visitors must now check their weapons at the door (this doesn’t apply to any of the employees).

The next day Saul asks the group to be around for the “lunch rush” so they can see more of the casino’s daily routines, but before their shift is to start Saul rushes up to their rooms and pulls them out to see a new “potential problem”.

Taking the group up to the observation catwalks above the gaming hall, Saul points out an imitating man playing at one of the card tables, Clegg Zincher, one of Riddleport’s crime bosses and and old enemy of Saul’s. Saul tells the group to keep a close eye on Clegg since he isn’t known as a gambler so he must be here for some other reason.

Clegg plays a few rounds of cards, buys drinks for a few patrons, and even ends up giving a tip to Malek, asking him to split it with the rest of Saul’s new business partners before leaving with no other actions being taken. To most, it seems like he was just checking out thee competition.

Unfortunately that later doesn’t seem to be the case.

Sometime after Clegg has left, a kitchen worker comes running out to the gaming hall frantically calling for help. She sees Kage and tells here that snakes have gotten into the scullery and have bitten one of the worker who may be dead. The group heads to kitchen to investigate.

Artan, Malek, and Kage make it back into the kitchen where they are confronted by a pair of red-bellied snakes slithering out of the scullery. In a combination of alchemy, psionics, and swordsplay the snakes are defeated, but not before the gaming hall patrons are near panic at another attack on the Goblin.

Luckily Slyvia and Ead are able to take the patrons minds off of the snakes as the two entertain the crowd with a dance. A dance popular enough that the patrons are enthralled by the performance and completely forget about the fighting that was going on.

Searching the scullery, Arten finds not only the injured worker but a note make out to Saul telling him to get out of town. The worker is saved through Kage’s healing and the group now waits to show Saul the message and see what he wishes to do.

250 xp



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