Second Darkness

Island Exploration

After dealing with the vandals, the party makes their way back to their base (fixed up some thanks to the money gained from selling the Goblin). Reaching their door unmolested, the group is faced with a new face waiting for them, another black catfolk.

The new catfolk introduced himself as Feran, an acquaintance of Une. It seems that Feran had heard some stories of what had been happening in Riddleport and stopped in to see if Une could use a hand. After some deliberation, the group agrees to take the new cat along with them.

The Voyage on the Flying Cloud went by uneventfully, taking only about 5 hours. The ship comes within site of Devil’s Elbow around noon. The island is bleak and the rumors of the curse can be seen on the faces of the crew. Even Captain Creesy seemed to have lost his usual bravado as he pilots the ship around the dangerous reefs and into the piers.

Upon landing, the crew quickly begins to unload the party’s equipment while the captain sets up a time for him to return to the island to pick up the crew, since he doesn’t wish to spend a night near the island. After some deliberation, it is agreed that Creesy will return in a week at noon to pick up the party, but if they are not at the docks at the appropriate time, he will leave.

As the group settles matters with the captain, a voice from the rubble around the pier calls out for permission to approach. A tired and weary looking dwarf emerges, followed by 3 more, and explains that he is the leader of the Goldhammer expedition that was sent to the island and they now wish to be off the island. The dwarf explains that his expedition has been getting attacked and picked off by some strange creature they haven’t been able to get a good look at. All they know is that it’s low to the ground, fast, and silent.

The dwarves make a deal with Creesy and are quickly aboard, but not before the leader advises the party against staying. Seeing that the party is staying, the dwarf hands over a sketched map of the island, pointing out a few key features, such as the watchtowers and the site of the Witchlight settlement.

Just as the dwarf is about to board the ship, a bright light streaks up into the sky and flashes. the light came from around the area of Witchlight. The dwarf says that it is probably the Cyphermages, that they’ve been sending that signal up since last night.

The group decides to head to Witchlight to see what is going on. the trek up to the settlement is a hard hike. The path is overgrown with underbrush and the path winds up the hill. Upon reaching the top of the hill, the party gets a view of what remains of the main settlement of Devil’s Elbow. Crumbling ruins, boarded up windows, and corpses laying in the street. But something seems wrong with the corpses. As Ead moves up to investigate, the corpses rise and with no sound attack.

The battle is over quickly, but the party has a new enemy. The zombies that attack, seemed normal expect for they were missing their lower jaw and in it’s place a type of tongue-like appendage that had attempted to attack the party.

As the party starts to explore the rest of the settlement, a voice calls out to the them from the watchtower telling them to speak. After answering the group is quickly ushered into the tower where a very happy Samaritha is waiting. She explains that her Cyphermage expedition was attacked by strange creatures (her description matches what the dwarves were attacked by) and have been slowly picked off. They’ve managed to survive by barricading themselves in this tower. Sam goes on to warn the party that anyone who is bitten by the lion-like creatures quickly dies and then rises as one of the zombies that was outside.

As the group discusses plans with Sam, a warning cry goes up as a large number of the lion-like creatures come charging out of the woods.


XP: 250 xp

Loot: 5 suits of leather Armor, 100 gp

All bodies were taken before the party could search them.


I’m assuming we haven’t searched the bodies yet, we didn’t exactly have time….

Island Exploration

Since we tumbled down the cliff and stayed the night there,there was a comment in the Rolling Tower adventure journal about the bodies being gone – assuming that the loot is gone too?

Island Exploration

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