Second Darkness

Just a bit of vandalism

Having secured passage to Devil’s Elbow via Kwava’s hirer ups hiring the boat the Flying Cloud the group heads down tot he dock to meet up with the boat and the captain. Captain Josper Creesy is a realatively young man, who seeks to make a name for himself and his ship by setting speed records all along the Arcadian Coast.

The captain asks the group to join him for dinner aboard his ship, so that they may talk about their voyage. During the dinner Creesy seems interested in why anyone would want to sail to the Devil’s Elbow making several comments about how the island is cursed. The curse rumored to be caused by a siren.

During the dinner, the party hears several sets of footsteps up on the deck accompanied by a pair of heavy thuds. Pointing this out, Captain Creesy realized that there are too many footsteps for the men he had on board.

Heading up to the main deck, the group runs into vandals dousing the sails and rigging of the ship in some liquid, later to be found out to be oil. A fight ensues with the party coming out on top after several close calls.

One of the surviving vandals reveals (after a bit of persuasion) that instead of this being a random act of vandalism, the vandals were paid to keep any ship from leaving Riddleport. Clegg Zincher paid the group of vandals to make sure that no one left Riddleport for at least a few days, but thankfully due to the groups quick actions the ship was unharmed and will be ready to leave for Devil’s Elbow in the morning.

XP: 720 xp

2 sets (Chainmail, Masterwork Longsword, Dagger (2), Potion Cure Light Wound, Alchemist Fire)
2 sets (Masterwork Chain Shirt, Masterwork Comp Longbow (STR +2), Potion Cure Mod Wounds, +1 Arrow(5), Cloak of Resistance)



Kage would be interested in cloak of resistance. Would also take the cure mod wounds if no one would object.

Just a bit of vandalism

ead would like the masterwork comp longbow

Just a bit of vandalism

Malek’s not particularly interested in anything in the list.

Ead, do you want the +1 arrows, too?

Ben, is the Cloak of Resistance +1 or higher? I’m good with Kage having it, Malek’s got one, just wondered. :-)

Just a bit of vandalism

yeah, i’ll take the arrows too.

Just a bit of vandalism

Artan will of course take the 2 vials of Alchemist’s Fire.

Question for the GM: What exp total should we be at? I’m thinking we just made 5th level, but wanted to double-check.

Just a bit of vandalism

Kage: Cloak of Resistance +1, Potion Cure Mod Wounds x2
Ead: Masterwork Comp Longbow (STR +2), +1 Arrows (x10)
Artan: Alchemist Fire x2
Malek: Potion Cure Light Wound x2

Sell: Masterwork Chain Shirt x2 (250 gp); Chainmail x2 (150 gp); Masterwork Longsword x2 (315 gp); Dagger x4 (4 gp), Cloak of Resistance +1 (500 gp); Masterwork Comp Longbow STR +2 (300 gp); 80 gp = 1,599 gp / 5 characters = 319 gp, 8 sp each (This was before Feran joined the party so the cuts were for Artan, Ead, Kage, Mal, Une.)

NOTE 1: I am assuming that the Cloak of Resistance was +1 and not +2, etc. Please let me know if incorrect, that would change things.

NOTE 2: These items would have been sold before we set sail on the trip and this money could have been spent at that point.

Just a bit of vandalism

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