Second Darkness

Larur is Missing

Things have been looking up for the Golden Goblin after the party manages to bring back the shipment of exotic liquors. More people have been coming in and the Goblin has managed to improve in popularity (gaining each character 20 gold a week for working at the Goblin). Though this prosperous time does lead to darker things.

One morning something is clearly wrong. Larur is not making his rounds and has not been seen by any of the employees. This is not in Larur’s usual routine, and Saul is soon confirming that Larur has gone missing.

It seems that Larur was given the task of making a payment to a local moneylender by the name of Lymas Smeed. Larur was given 500 gold as a payment on a loan that was taken out to help the get Goblin back on it’s feat with the Goblin being the collateral. No one has seen Larur since he set off to make the payment.

Saul has even gotten word that Larur’s house has been broken into and ransacked. He asks the group to head to Smeed’s house on Rat Street to see if they can find any clues on Larur’s whereabouts.

The group agrees and proceeds to Smeed’s home. Arriving there, they soon find some evidence in the form of bloody and slashed up cloak, a cloak they recognize as Larur’s. Trying to talk to Smeed is a difficult task, since he recognizes the group as Saul’s Caps and accuses the group of trying to intimidate him into forgetting the loan against Saul, but the group does get enough Smeed to say that no one was scheduled to make a payment.

Talking things over amongst themselves, the group decides to head to Larur’s place to see if any evidence can be found there. Upon arriving they find that Saul’s info was true, the house has been broken into and looted, and a pair of drunks have taken up residence. Talking with the drunks reveal that they arrived “sometime in the night” and found the place open and looted. Upon more investigations, the group finds that Larur never made it home the previous night, but they do come across the dead to the house within a hidden drawer.

Returning to Smeed’s home, Sylvia and Kage manage to talk to Smeed a bit more, but don’t get much more info. Only that Smeed was never informed about any payment being made and no one from the Goblin ever stopped by with a payment.

The group decides to stop for a quick drink and discuss their next course of action. After some deliberation it’s decided at some of the group will check around town for any word on anyone coming into a windfall of money (the lost 500 gold payment), while the rest head back to the Goblin to ask Saul if anyone knew about the plan to make the payment.

Stepping out of the bar the group runs into a tiefling who seems to know them, or at least heard of them. Introducing himself as Volrath, he proceeds to tell the group that he has heard some good tails of the group and wanted to see them for himself. Unfortunately about this time others are also looking for the party.

Coming through the morning crowd, a rough-looking orc pushes a familiar man to the ground who proceeds to spot the party and identifies them. Fik looks to be pretty beat up as the orc ignores him and proceeds to taunt the party as he walks closer, the rest of his group following behind. The orc, Arkus, seems to be a leader of the slaving group that had captured Larur’s clanmates, even Straw is back.

A battle ensues and the group prevails, leaving Arkus dead in the street and Straw without her head. Gathering up a few items quickly, the party leaves before the Genderarms arrive.

XP: 400 xp

Masterwork Chain Shirt, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Masterwork Scimitar, Shortsword (2), Dart (5)

Scroll of Shield (2), LIquid Ice (2), Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Bull’s Strength

200 gp


Ead wouldn’t mind the amulet of natural armor but that is it.

Larur is Missing

Scimitar and chain shirt if no one else minds?

Larur is Missing

Malek’s not really interested in anything out of this batch.

Larur is Missing

Artan would also like to put in a bid for the masterwork chain shirt as well as the potion of bull’s strength.

Larur is Missing

Looks like Artan is taking the Masterwork Chain Shirt with a high roll. Guess those points in Profession (gambler) are starting to pay off. :)

Larur is Missing

Oh, completely missed the Liquid Ice the first time around – Artan will take that as well if no one minds.

Larur is Missing

Kage would want the +1 steel shield.

Larur is Missing

Ead: Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Sylvia: Masterwork Scimitar
Artan: Masterwork Chain Shirt, Liquid Ice x2, Potion of Bull’s Strength
Kage: +1 steel shield (unclaimed from the last posting)
Malek: Hoarding the Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds for a rainy day~

Selling the rest nets us 36.25/6 = 6 GP, 4 CP each

Larur is Missing

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