Second Darkness

Once more with feeling

Realizing that their resources were extremely low, the group began a fighting retreat trying to make it back to the Goblin to rest.

Rested, the group heads back down into the smuggler’s caves. Taking a slight detour they find a small still pool with an old rotten treasure chest at it’s bottom. Ead dives in to collect the treasure, awaking it’s wight guardian.

After a short fight, the group is able to collect the treasure.

Continuing through the cave system, the party meets up with a familiar face. Bonespeaker and his two guards wait in one of the chambers, but he seemed to not have the will to fight to group unless he had to. Some quick talking and showing proof that the group were now the rightful (in the eyes of Riddleport) owners of the Goblin, Bonespeaker moved aside and let the group continue on.

Reaching the final chamber of the complex, the group sees several things. First, a massive curved stone carving protrudes from the floor, wall, and ceiling. The runes carved into the stone seem so familiar and after a few moments of study it becomes clear, the curved stone is part of the Riddleport Cyphergate.

The second thing noticeable is the striking elf hiding behind a table. Not because of the hand crossbow aimed at the group, but the fact that she has very dark skin and light hair. She is something that comes from fairy tales and legends, a Drow.

Finally, one of the Drow’s minions was a skeleton, but this skeleton stood out due to the clothing he wore and the hand that ended in a large key. Saul’s reanimated body fought to protect the Drow.

After a long fight, the group stood victorious over both Saul’s body (being beheaded by Kage) and Depora the drow (who was finished off by Malek as she was trapped by one of Arten’s tanglefoot bombs).

The group searches through the items near the fight, finding a small journal written by Depora. Flipping through the journal, the group finds detailed information the money Saul had been funneling to her (with notes of what the money was spent on). Most of the supplies were shipped to Devil’s Elbow, done at night by various sailors. The journal also lists the strange weather effects and other phenomena that occurred around Riddleport over the past few months. Everything, including “The Blot” are indicated in the journal as “side-effects” of a experiment occurring on Devil’s Elbow. The journal also mentions an “Armageddon” coming.

Leaving the chamber via a ladder hidden away in a corner, the group finds themselves in a small storage shed near one of the Cyphergate’s footings. As the group decides what to do with the new information, a strange light is seen in the sky. Quickly the light is discovered to be a falling star, but the star doesn’t burn up. The star falls quickly, trailing fire behind it before crashing into Devil’s Elbow. Shortly after, the waters of the Riddleport bay begin to recede before surging back as a tidal wave.

The group is quick to move, helping those they can as others get swept out to sea or attacked by confused aquatic creatures, suddenly on dry land.

XP: 1340 xp

Greatclub, +1 Leather Armor, +1 Rapier, Key stump (sued as improvised dagger or key for secret door in Golden Goblin), +1 Mithral Chainmail, Masterwork buckler, +1 Hand Crossbow, Masterwork Hand Crossbow Bayonet, 10 bolts

Potion of Barkskin, Ring of Feather Fall, Slippers of Spider Climb, Large Ruby worth 500 gp (2), Antique gold idol of Osirion cat-headed goddess worth 1500 gp, crystal wand of Dimension Swap, Platinum coffer worth 1200 gp, Black Onyx worth 100 gp, brass perfume vail (worth 5 gp) containing a strange-smelling, slightly unpleasant perfume, fine quality black boots (non magical but give +2 to stealth), adamantine chisel, key ring with keys for Golden Goblin

1000 gp


interested in the +2 stealth and maybe the mithral chainmail.

Also, I don’t see that the loot as been dived up and sold from the prior adventure log yet either.

Once more with feeling

The loot from the last adventure log, has not been divided yet due to you not having time to get stuff sold off and what not. But yes, that stuff is still up for grabs (I believe) and the money will be shelled out when you get the money for this one.

Once more with feeling

Artan would like the +1 Mithral Chainmail and Ring of Feather Fall

Once more with feeling

all i want is the chisel

Once more with feeling

Ead’s good with Artan getting the chainmail, he makes to good of drinks to argue.

Once more with feeling

Ead: fine quality black boots (non magical but give +2 to stealth);
Artan: +1 Mithral Chainmail; Ring of Feather Fall
Une: Adamantine chisel
Malek: +1 Leather Armor, +1 Rapier, Slippers of spider climb (he’ll pay to have them redone to look more masculine), crystal dorje of Dimension Swap, Potion of Barkskin,

SOLD: Greatclub (2.5 gp), Masterwork buckler (77.5 gp), +1 Hand Crossbow (200 gp), Masterwork Hand Crossbow Bayonet (77.5 gp), 10 bolts (0.5 gp) Large Ruby worth 500 gp x2 (1,000 gp), Antique gold idol of Osirion cat-headed goddess (1500 gp), Platinum coffer (1200 gp), Black Onyx (100 gp), brass perfume vial (5 gp), key ring with keys for Golden Goblin (provided to new owner), 1000 gp, = 5163 / 5 characters = 1,032 gp, 6 sp per character

Key stump (used as improvised dagger or key for secret door in Golden Goblin) – what the heck did we do with this???

Once more with feeling

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