Second Darkness

Rolling Tower

Two dozen of the lion-creatures burst from the surround tree line. They race over the ground quickly, but eerily without sound. Several pause to check the bodies of the fallen zombie creatures while the rest move in to surround the tower.

While several of the creatures begin to hammer at the secured doors and windows, the rest dig claws into the stone tower and begin to climb their mane-like tentacles writhing around them. Even with Ead, Feran, and eventually Artan raining fire down upon them, the creatures continued to climb finding open windows to either attack through or squeeze their bodies through.

The group fights hard, keeping the creatures at bay, but as more of the creatures climb onto the tower a rumble rolls through the stone taking a few people from their feet. As the group gets their bearings again, they notice that the tower as begun to lean, but it can’t be helped as the creatures continue to fight their way inside.

It doesn’t take too much longer, as the dense bodies of the creatures continue to off balance the tower, for another rumble to be heard. This one louder and the shaking of the tower more violent, before the cliff face simply gives way and the tower pulls away from the adjoining building to begin a dangerous roll down the steep hill. Une is the only to avoid being pulled down the hill as he had just moved into the adjoining room.

The trip down the hill is fast and violent, people and creatures being thrown from floor to ceiling to wall and back to floor, only having a few precious moments to try and grab something to hold onto or simply attempt to move with the motion of the tower, though Ead had managed to find a way onto the top of the tower moving adeptly along it’s surface as she watched several creatures try the same and failing.

The entire time the tower rolls down the hill, Une is forced to defend himself against several of the creatures that remained at the top. His training and armor proves to be up to task as he manages to avoid most of the creatures attacks, but seeing that the rest of the group is at the bottom of the hill he decides to try and make it down to them.

Moving past his opponents, Une attempts to use his massive shield to slide down the hillside. Unfortunately he misjudges and places his shield down on several unstable stones. As he begins to put weight onto the shield, the stones give way and Une tumbles down the hill, crashing into a lucky creature who had managed to escape the rolling tower and cling to a stable shelf of rock. Both Une and the creature soon continued their journey down the hill together.

At the bottom of the hill, the group finds themselves waist to chest deep in water as the tower has crashed into a small bay. The magic that formed the tower managed to keep most of the tower together, but the trip down the hill had opened many holes and cracks allowing the sea water to rush into the tower, flooding it.

The group readied themselves to defend themselves against the remaining creatures that had survived the tower ride, but found that all of them were being burned by the sea water itself. Between the water and several blows from the party, the creatures are defeated and the group, including Sam and the Cyphermages, manage to make it to shore and rest. Until Une arrives with his new friend.

Brutally dispatching the foe, Une joins the rest of the group to secure a camp on top of the tower and rest for the night. The next morning the group climbs back up the cliff side to find the bodies of the creatures have all disappeared.

The group makes a quick search of the rest of the building before Sam lets them know that she is taking the Cyphermages to Clegg Zincher, and see if he won’t take them in until they can find a way off the island. After a few moments, the group agrees to accompany Sam and the Cyphermages to Zincher’s camp, since as Ead put it “we have an axe to grind with him anyways.”


XP: 550 xp

Loot: 9 pounds of Noqual Ore, Old Silver Comb set inlaid with Ivory (250gp) Golden yellow topaz (141gp), Deep blue spinel (198gp)


And i believe a shiny ivory comb was mentioned.

Rolling Tower

You are right there was also an old silver comb inlaid with ivory, worth 250gp. Also Feran had found a couple of gems, a Golden Yellow Topaz worth 141 gp, and a Deep blue Spinel worth 198gp.

Rolling Tower

Ead would like the comb

Rolling Tower

Malek doesn’t want anything than his cut of loot when we get to the point of selling the stones. ;-)

Rolling Tower

Golden yellow topez … <.>< >.>

Rolling Tower

Party Fund: 9 pounds of Noqual Ore

Cashed Out: loot was 250gp+141gp+198gp=589gp/5 people = 117 gp, 8 sp each

NOTE: If you wanted a particular item (example, the comb, etc.) that was cashed out, assume that you ‘purchased’ it from the party by subtracting it’s cost from your cut + additional gold from your reserves, as needed.

Rolling Tower

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