Second Darkness

Wine Delivery

One morning, Larur calls the group into his office with a request from Saul himself. It seems that an order of exotic liquor has finally arrived at the docks. The order was supposed to have been delivered for the Cheat the Devil tournament, but due to storm delays has just now arrived.

Saul is worried that news has already gotten out that the shipment is being held at the docks, and is sure that any of the crime lords or even the Overlord himself would have no problem taking the shipment. So he is asking the group to head down to the docks and safely bring the liquor back. Saul seems to be worried enough, that he has even hired a new member to help with the task, Uneinnehmbare Mondstein, a massive oread fighter.

After a quick conversation with Uneinnehmbare, the group heads down to the docks. Unfortunately they find that Saul’s suspicions were true and one of the crime lords already has men there loading up the cargo led by Braddikar Faje.

After a few coarse words between the two groups, weapons were drawn and blood was shed. Though the party came out on top, saving the cargo.

XP: 400 xp

Masterwork Longsword, Banded Mail, +1 Large Steel Shield, Cloak of Resistance +1
Masterwork Rapier, Masterwork Longbow
2 x (Studded leather armor, shortsword)
Leather armor, rapier, dagger x 4, shortbow with 10 arrows

Potion of cure moderate wounds, Scroll of glitterdust, Scroll of invisibility, Scroll of magic weapon, Scrolls of mirror image (2), Scroll of obscuring mist, Scroll of protection from evil, Scroll of scorching ray, Wand of Mage armor (20 charges)
Spellbook [ cantrips, Magic Missle, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Adjuring Step, Enlarge Person, Burning Hands, Gravity Bow, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, False Life, Create Pit]

125 gp


I would like the Masterwork Longbow

Wine Delivery

Malek would like the Cloak of Resistance if no one else wants it, and the daggers.

Wine Delivery

Artan can use the spellbook and some of the scrolls – need to figure out which ones.

Wine Delivery

I’d like the scroll of magic weapon that’s it.

Wine Delivery

Artan would like the Scroll of Invisibility. I believe that’s the only one he’ll be able to put into his formulae book at 4th level. He’ll copy spells from the spellbook into his formulae book, and then we can sell the spellbook.

Wine Delivery

Loot List

Ead: Masterwork Longbow
Malek: Cloak of Resistance +1, Daggers x4
Artan: Scroll of Invisibility
Sylvia: Scroll of Magic Weapon
Uneinnehmbare: Banded Mail
Kage: +1 heavy steel shield

Also, someone take the Potion of cure moderate wounds. ((frowns at group))

I honestly have no idea how to price a spellbook, nor am I sure Malek could sell it without raising suspicion. >.> Anyone have ideas?

Divided six ways, that means that everyone gets 184 GP, 6 SP, and 2 CP. 163 GP, 7 SP, 8 CP. (The cash does not include the spellbook. I will figure that out and edit this post to include that additional gold.)

Wine Delivery

hey may i have the banded mail please. thank you if there are any objections please say so. n_n

Wine Delivery

Shouldn’t be a problem! Go ahead and add it to your character sheet.

Everyone, please note that I have updated the post to reflect that we kept the Banded Mail.

Wine Delivery

Oh just happened to remember reading on how to price the spellbook. It’s half the price of scribing the spells in the book. Weird that I happened to notice that somewhere.

Wine Delivery

Spellbook is worth 247.5/6 = 41 GP, 2 SP, 5 CP

Wine Delivery

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