Second Darkness

Work begins and a RAID

With Saul’s approval and supervision, the Dwarves begin to do some work on the Octahedron building in some traps to make the events a bit more interesting. Saul also begins to work on some leads for more exotic types of fights to be held there.

Slyvia, Malek, and Kage all spends some time checking for anymore rumors about Larur’s disappearance. Unfortunately, any rumors that do come up can quickly be discounted as either false or as traps.

A few days pass, and the group is working at closing up the casino for the night. Most of the workers have gone home, leaving just the party and a few of the bouncers around as the cleanup crew. As the party helps clean up, a shadow moves in front of two of the window just before they explode and several bodies come rushing in through the openings.

The Goblin is under attack!

The first bodies through the newly opened windows are some typical thugs from around Riddleport, but the party can see better equipped and trained figures directing them and soon joining them in battle. Half-orcs decked in chainmail and large steel shields follow the thugs in through the windows and join them in combat.

Just as the party is beginning to get the upper hand with the initial group, one of the half-orcs whistles out into the courtyard and soon another group of thugs led by another half-orc arrives to continue the fight.

Dealing with the new threat, the party whittles the attacks down, but just as the last couple of opponents are left two scream are heard from near the kitchen. Two of the bouncers have been cut down by seemingly identical opponents. The two men wield strange blades composed of what appears to be pure energy and following them through the kitchen door is another half-orc, this one dressed in fairly plain clothing.

The two humans state that they are there simply to kill Saul, but since he wasn’t available Saul’s cap’s (the party) will have to do.

Another skirmish began, the half-orc and humans causing some damage to the party, but in the end the group managed to bring down one of the humans, utterly kill the half-orc, and run off the other human.

Now with the bodies cooling, the party decides….. they need a DRINK.

XP: 900 xp

Studded Leather Armor (6), Shortsword (6), Leather Armor (2), Rapier (2), Dagger (8), Shortbow (5), Arrows (90), Thieves tools (2), Chainmail (3), Heavy Steel Shield (2), Longsword (3), Amulet of Natural Armor +1, masterwork chainshirt

Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Psi Tatoo of Natural Healing (6hp)

295 gp, 140 sp, Silver & Platinum Necklace (500gp), Tigereye (10 gp), Obsidian (8 gp), Lapis Lazuli (11 gp), Amber (90 gp), Agate (12 gp)


Would like for Ead: Potion of Cure Light (she’s decided that might be handy to have), Masterwork Chain Shirt and Arrows

Work begins and a RAID

I don’t even see the chain shirt? But I’d like the Amulet of Natural Armor +1 and some thief’s tools.

Work begins and a RAID

hmm, must have been edited later, there was a masterwork chain shirt listed

Work begins and a RAID

There is supposed to be a masterwork chain shirt. I don’t know why there isn’t.

Work begins and a RAID

Malek doesn’t have anything in particular he wants, although he will be headed toward the psionic tattoo if no one else does

Work begins and a RAID

Kage would be interested in the healing potion. Dibs on the masterwork chain shirt if no one else is gonna want it…

Work begins and a RAID

roll off for the masterwork chain shirt unless you can convince Ead otherwise. :) She was hoping for the potion too after that last encounter in the casino but she won’t hold on to that to tightly.

Work begins and a RAID

Artan’s also interested in the chair shirt. Why don’t the 3 of you roll for it?

Also, Malek will be glad to give Kage one of the healing potions he’s been snagging because no one else has. ;-)

Work begins and a RAID

Actually, Artan’s interested in the the Amulet of Natural Armor +1, but I figured he didn’t really need more loot – he’s had a lot of stuff lately. Thank, and I didn’t realize when talking with Kathy, but Artan already has a Mwk Chain Shirt.

Work begins and a RAID

Ead: Potion of Cure Light, Arrows (90)

Sylvia: Amulet of Natural Armor +1, thieves tools (one set)

Kage: Potion of Cure Light (from Malek’s stores)

Malek: Psi Tatoo of Natural Healing (6hp)

Kage and Ead are going to roll off on the MW Chain Shirt

Everyone: Cash:
321 GP
24 SP
9 CP

Work begins and a RAID

Aaaand Ead won the roll-off for the shirt. :-)

Work begins and a RAID

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